The difference between the UK and the USA.

In the UK, there is a good probability the home owner recording the break in was praying for the cops to arrive ASAP.

In the US, there is a good probability the home owner (who already called the cops as a good citizen should do) would be smirking and thinking what caliber for dumbass.

Hat Tip Dale G.

9 Replies to “The difference between the UK and the USA.”

  1. This is formerly Great Britain. If the homeowner threw a pot of water on the scumbag, likely they would arrest the homeowner.

    Here in America, if I didn’t have a gun, I would donate him my TV. The big 25 inch tube TV sitting in the corner collecting dust. See if he can imitate Wiley E. Coyote, Super Genius?

    1. But all that is unnecessary here in America.

      The scumbag would have been beating feet if you spotted him because he would righteously have been scared sh__less of what you might lawfully do to him, right there, right now. Thank God I live in America.

      The only ones that would persist are the psycho ex boyfriend types. In that case, shoot to stop the threat. Keep shooting until the threat is stopped.

    2. I’d pull one of those heavy clay shingles off the roof and store it inside for dropping on criminals. Can always say that the act of breaking in shook the shingle loose.

      1. (Ingenious) And when the British Police show up, set up for a minority religious persecution defense.

        OMG! It must have been SMOD! All Hail SMOD! Pray for your protection to the Sweet Meteor of Death!

        SMOD will save us! All hail SMOD!

  2. Bucket of cold water and or hot soapy bleach filled water.. hey, I always tip my wash bucket out the window.. keeps the bricks clean…
    USA- crunch, crunch(870 pump) hey a$$hole….

  3. Such a violent takedown (ASP to the head followed by a rugby dogpile) necessary in the U.K.

    Here where we have police equipped with ranged weapons, a single cop facing a crowbar can announce presence and gain gunpoint compliance until a second officer cuffs the suspect, with much smaller risk of injury.

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