So I see that “192 Republicans” is trending because 192 Republicans voted against the HR 7790 bill for supplemental funding for the FDA.

Twitter, which is still a Leftist disinformation site, is full of tweets saying the “Republicans voted against funding baby formula.”

CNN had an article which says this:

One of the bills passed by the House Wednesday evening — HR 7790 — would provide $28 million in emergency funding for the US Food and Drug Administration in an effort to help alleviate the current shortfall and head off future shortages. The bill was approved by a tally of 231 to 192.
The emergency funding would be used to increase the number of FDA inspection staff, provide resources for personnel working on formula issues, help the agency stop fraudulent baby formula from entering the US marketplace, and improve data collection on the formula market, according to a release from the House Appropriations Committee.

“This bill is the first step to help restock shelves and end this shortage,” House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat who introduced the legislation, said in a statement.
“Parents and caretakers across the country cannot wait — they need our support now. This bill takes important steps to restore supply in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, with these funds, FDA will be able to help to prevent this issue from occurring again,” she said.

I read the bill.

It provides $28 million to hire people to be inspection staff.

The money is for FDA salaries.

Tell me how this solves the problem of the formula shortage now.

They have to hire people, train them, put they through a probationary period, etc.

This money today might have more inspectors out in a year.

All the FDA has to do is let Abbott turn their factory back on since they didn’t find the contamination in the factory.

But that doesn’t justify new bureaucracy appropriations.

Not one dollar of this funding buys quality overseas formula from Europe.

Not one dollar goes to helping parents afford formula.

It’s salaries for bureaucrats that won’t start doing a job for a year.

This is a shakedown using a crisis as a cover.

The real shame is the 12 Republicans who voted for it, not the 192 who voted against it.

This is bullshit.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “The evil bullshit of the baby formula bill shakedown”
  1. Since the baby formula shortage came to my attention I’ve been looking at the why. It shortly came out that the reason was that the plant was shutdown in Michigan. That plant produces around 40% of all baby formula used in the US. In addition, baby formula is being prioritized to the government which is sending it south to the illegal aliens that are currently in custody for crossing the border illegally.

    So why was the plant shutdown? The company does inspections, in one of their inspections they detected a contaminant so they kept that lot back because it was the right thing to do. They also reported it to the FDA.

    A whistleblower reported that formula was going out the door that was contaminated. The company and the FDA investigated. They did not find any contaminated formula going out the door.

    A couple of babies died. They suspected because of contaminated baby formula. The plant was investigated. They did not find any contaminated formula. They did find contamination in an area of the factory where formula was NOT made.

    Sort of like finding that you left a mud clump in the mud room before you go through getting cleaned and suited up before going into the clean room. Uhhhh, we found dirt in the mud room. Therefore your clean room isn’t clean enough!

    Abbott has issued a statement detailing all of this. Why? Because the FDA has closed the plant and refuses to let the plant open back up.

    Now that people are aware of the shortage because American babies are going fucking hungry, the FDA is finally going to let the plant hope. In 8 to 12 weeks there will be baby formula back on the shelves.

    BUT yesterday I started reading hit pieces against Abbott saying that the FDA did find reasons to close the plant and the shortage has nothing to do with the government shutting down the plant. It is all Abbott’s fault.

  2. What I read is that the contaminated formula was found at the babies’ homes and that other formula from that lot found in warehouses was not contaminated, suggesting that the contamination came from the home not the factory.

    This has happened before, e.g. making formula with contaminated well water or something like that.

    The point is, they didn’t find contamination in the plant and the plant was cleaned. There is no reason to keep it shut down now but it still is.

    The government caused this. More money won’t fix it.

    1. More money to hire more inspectors (who will do what, exactly? shut down more plants?) won’t fix it.

      It’s a feel-good bill to create more government busy-bodies, that by definition won’t help the problem it’s purported to fix.

  3. The best answer would be to close down the FDA. That would improve Constitutional compliance as well as saving money.

  4. The ebil republicans thing has been going around in the family group chat and thank you all who contributed answers and news this jives with what I’m hearing and seeing.

  5. So, y’all: voting against this bill, closes exactly how many FDA baby formula factories?

    Just like voting to shutter the Department of “Education”, closes how many schools? (Ignoring, for the moment, how many of those “schools” actually educate anybody).

    1. I’m reminded of just how much the DoE helps local schools. I was at a school board meeting and they were discussing raising the price of school lunch. Turns out that the neither the school board nor the vendor wanted to raise prices. There was no need to raise prices. It was required by the federal DoE that they raise prices by $0.05 if they were to continue to stay in the federal school food assistance program.

      So I asked “What if we left the federal food assistance program?” The vendor actually got on the phone to her people to get an answer. $0.15 per meal.

      The school board was stuck. They knew that there were going to be more required price increases coming down the line, but at no point would the required increase be more than the cost of leaving. In the end they knew they were going to be paying more than what it would cost if they left the program today, they just couldn’t justify doing it to parents and students.

      So the schools stayed in the assistance program and the cost of school meals is now $0.25 more than it was on that day.

      1. The school board should have voted to keep the price unchanged, to dare the feds actually to do what they were threatening. If they did, a lawsuit should work very nicely.
        There’s a well established precedent that the feds can’t blackmail state or lower governments in this manner.

  6. More Deceit from the fucking traitors.
    More $$ for Nothing, typical DemoKrauts and Rino’s.

    God Bless the Tree’s.

  7. Never let a crisis go to waste. Is anyone really that surprised the government is not going pass on a chance to grow its ranks?

    1. That’s the primary activity of bureaucracies everywhere. “Solving” the “problem” they supposedly exist for is the last thing they want, because then they’d no longer be needed and all the parasites would have to try to get honest jobs.

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