They destroy a mountain range.

Three scrubbed the life from a mountain rage and glazed it with photovoltaic cells.

They made the world an uglier place.

This is infinitely more of an abomination than a natural gas facility that emits plant food.

And you know that none of the mountains the elite vacation on will be glazed.

They will pit this in Appalachia and other places where the poor live and work do that we have no green spaces to enjoy  just the giant carbuncle of green energy monstrosities disfiguring our land.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “The evil of climate cultists on display”
  1. And just think how much coal they burned to make those PV panels, and how much more coal they’ll burn to make the replacements as the originals deteriorate from sun exposure.

  2. They don’t care. They never cared. It’s all about patting themselves on the back and raking in the acclaim. And money. They sniff after that like a dog after a bitch in heat.

    But people? Pfffft. Peons are for them to pee-on.

  3. Communists don’t care about the environment. It’s easy to see that: many of the worst environmental messes of the 20th century were created by communists. Not just well known ones like the Chernobyl blowup, but things like the near-elimination of the Aral Sea. Or the smog of Beijing.

    Meanwhile, the WSJ had a nice picture the other day discussing the ongoing need for coal power in third world countries. The picture caption was “workers sorting coal in China”; it showed a large pile of coal with on top of it a couple of people with shovels. Third world country with nukes, yes indeed.

    1. “… many of the worst environmental messes of the 20th century were created by communists.”
      This is partly because Communists don’t care about any of those things they claim so loudly to care about, and partly for a basic structural reason: their system has no separation of Business and State, so the same organization that’s nominally responsible for protecting the environment is also the one that’s operating the strip mines. (Other structural reasons involve whistleblowers ending up in the Gulag, etc.)

  4. Everything AND Every Body is the Property of the Communist State.

    If no oneowns any property or even themselves, then they cannot sue for damages to their property or themselves. Think about it. How do environmemental laws get enforced in the US? Environmental NGO’s sue the owner of the property, or the corporation planning a project to clean it up, or to stop some polluting activity. They even sue local, state, and federal governments.

    Pipelines, power plants, factories, airports, refineries, roads and bridges, etc. How do they get stopped, shutdown, or modified? Environmental Law Suits.

    Can you imagine Sum Ting Wong suing the Chinese Communist Party to stop a Chinese battery plant that dumps poisonous waste onto farm land or into the Yellow River? The Communist Party Patron just tells his patron, etc., and the whole issue gets thrown out of court.

    When the US Government Gets Involved? It is just as bad. Google Gold King Mine.

    Who approved building an elementary school and homes on top of the Love Canal Toxic Waste Dump? Hint: It wasn’t Hooker chemical.

  5. Carbon dioxide is NOT harmful. THAT just fukkin infuriates me to no end. They are putting solar “farms” all over here in Maine. Any further north and you are in canada… I think the sun comes out on tuesday here and if you dont get yer ass up early you miss it. Geezus these people are mentally ILL.

  6. While we’re on the subject of environmental impacts … let’s not forget that solar panels are made using processes very much like those used to make computer chips.

    Including the really nasty chemicals that have to be made in the first place, stored, and then eventually disposed of.

  7. Those entranced by “free”, “natural” power never see the pollution or expense of getting to “free”.

  8. Curby,

    That is why most solar panels are made in CHINA. You pay off the right party boss and you can dump all the toxic waste products on land or in a river, and no one can complain.

  9. It’s not just the godless Communist Chinese.

    Here in Florida, next to I-75 between Lake City and Gainesville, where formerly there was a very very very productive farm and ranch, is now a huge solar farm.

    Florida has some of the most productive farmland in the world. And some dumb environmentalist bastards destroyed good farmland that was highly effective at ‘sequestering carbon’ by putting it into food and animals.

    Stupid bastards.

    And to make matters worse, whomever did it got huge federal tax bonuses and outright payoffs to do it.

    So, not just godless West Taiwanese, but stupid idjits here in Florida.

    Okay, put your stupid solar things on buildings, sure. Fine. Do it there. But cover up good land? Not waste land, good farm and ranch land? Wert der ferk?

  10. Where they claim, “reduces 251,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.” I call bullshit. Notice that there are panels on slopes to the left and right. That means all of the panels are never working on any given day.

    The sun is south of overhead for every place in the northern hemisphere that’s north of the tropics, which includes China. Any slope that isn’t facing south will contribute close to zero electricity.

    Can’t tell the directions from the pic, but if some are pointed south toward the sun the others are pointed north. There’s no reason to put solar panels on the north facing slope. Massive waste of time, money and land.

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