I have written about transorbital lobotomies and their relationship to the trans youth movement.

I thought I’d write a post specifically about them.

A picture is worth a thousand words and some documentaries on the topic is worth even more.

(Warning, graphic)

Parents were encouraged to have their overactive, moody, or behavioral problem prone children lobotomized.

There was no true scientific study that this was beneficial beyond the children came out docile from the procedure.

They were docile because they had their brains scrambled with an ice pick.

This was a horror show that became a fad in the least understood area of medicine, neurology and psychology.

Gender affirmation of children smacks of this trend all over again.

Depressed and moody children, children with body and confidence issues are convinced by activists online that they are trans.  There is even a word for these children “who doesn’t realize they are transgender yet,” eggs.

Rather than dig deep into these children and help them, modern psychology applies the two worst trends in the history of that field at them at once.

Like the over prescription of ADHD medicine, they throw a pill at these kids.  In this case hormones and/or puberty blockers.

And like the ice pick lobotomy, they perform unnecessary surgery that irreparably destroys a healthy part of a child’s body.

Then the call this treatment.

It’s a treatment where more than 4 in 10 patients attempt to or commit suicide after it’s complete.

This is not medical care for children with emotional problems.

This is a fad that should be recognized as a crime against humanity.

L. Ron Hubbard was at least partially right, there is a segment of the psychology/psychiatry field that is absolutely evil.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The evils of psychiatry: an icepick to the brain”
  1. Expect lobotomy, or something like it, to re-appear as a mandatory treatment for those diagnosed as unmutual.
    … Back in the day, I was put on some sort of mystery pills for ADD, which is to say, being a boy. Didn’t help much.

  2. The sad part is “trans” are a teeny tiny percentage of population…..yet EVERYONE is focused on them. MY non humble opinion?? FUK em. There are larger issues that need to be delt with. Stop validating insignificant issues. ( this opinion is MINE solely, niether Mr J or Mr G contributed to my delinquency)my give a crap meter is broke

  3. Wow. Lobotomy results in 4 in 10 patients attempting or succeeding in self-slabbing.

    That is still a 10% less chance than a trans person, who reach 50% attempt/success in suicide.


    Statistics nobody on the Left side is talking about.

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