Like Miguel, I am moving.

I took it upon myself to spend the last couple of days packing my gun room.

Me (loading up 2 unopened cases of 12 gauge field load, 8 ammo cans, and 14 small moving boxes full of ammo): “Jesus, that’s a lot of ammo.  This is ridiculous, how am I going to move all of this?”

Me (2 seconds after taping the last box closed): “I should buy more 9mm JHP and 223.”

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The first step is admitting that you have a problem”
  1. When I moved from Chicago, United Van Lines would only ship unopened manufacturers boxes Are you moving your self

  2. That’s not a problem. We need folks like you to make up for folks like me who have rookie numbers!

  3. I’m confused. What problem did you identify other than being short on 9mm JHP and 5.56?

    We are all short on those. Some, like me, are short on other calibers too.

  4. Put everything in boxes, put the boxes on pallets, strap the boxes to the pallets. Standard GMA (Grocery Mfg Assoc) pallets are 40″X48″ but 48X48 pallets are available and – barely- fit on trucks. Specify 4-way pallets – they can be forked from any side. Don’t move 400 30 lb boxes, move a dozen 1,000 lb pallets. Tell the moving company to bring a forklift and driver and a pallet jack or rent your own. Once they drop everything off, you’ll probably need your own pallet jack at the other end..

    FYI, standard pallets are 6 1/2″ high, so 4 layers of six 16LX16WX18H boxes (perfect fit for for a 40X48 GMA) totals 78 1/2″ so it will go through an 80″ high 4 ft wide doorway (std size for storage places) and under 84″ high residential garage door openings. Trucks are – usually – at least 96-98″ high inside, so a layer of 6 light individual boxes the same size (pillows, linens, etc.) can go on top of the stack.

    Pallets will get bounced etc. around a LOT less than individual boxes. Strapping and the tools for it (crimps and crimper) maybe $125-150, less if you just go with the buckles (no crimping, but you’ll still need a ratchet tensioner).

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