So a mostly peaceful protest (actual, not sarcastic) at the US Capitol, which evidently was partially initiated by FBI informants, is now justification to turn the US Capitol Police from a police force tasked with protecting Congress in DC into a paramilitary agency with nationwide investigative and enforcement authority that reports to the majority party of the Legislature.

This is an incredible expansion of authority, which gives Congressional Democrats direct control over a Law Enforcement Agency.

This makes me nervous.  Such an agency is rife for political abuse, which I assume  is a feature not a bug.

If the Nancy Pelosi wanted to create her own Sturmabteilung, this is how to do it.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The German translation of “January sixth” is “Reichstagsbrand””
  1. Yep, one more way to ‘try’ to control the proles… Funny how the Fibbies et al can spend millions to root out 400 people who attended a ‘peaceful’ rally, but can’t be bothered to find the SAME 50 Pantifa that have been plaguing Portand for 2 years now…

  2. Notice this statement in the last paragraph from the article linked to:

    ““Congress is not subject to the law . . . ”

    And there’s your problem, right there.

    There is a solution to that problem, but Congress won’t like it. It involves tar, feathers, and some assembly. Or if it is needed to send the point home, lampposts and rope. Again, some assembly required.

    And no, I will not submit. I will not comply. And I will not shut up.

  3. So we are seeing the start of a national police force. You can’t really call them a Schutzstaffel since that is basically the Secret Service’s job. But I can easily see them becoming a Schutzstaffel. After all it’s really only a matter of time until they integrate into the military and have access to full military hardware.

    It is illegal for the United States military to be deployed on United States soil against United States citizens. Not that that will stop them. They have an extermination of the entire population of the United States and opposes them to implement. Use this group instead. At least at the beginning. And when enough of them are shot bring in the military.

  4. I submit the Democrats already have their very own SA in the likes of Black Lies Matter and ANTIFA.

    What Pelosi wants for the Capitol Police is her very own personal Gestapo. To go along with a politicized DOJ and FBI that for all intents and purposes has become an Amerikan Cheka.

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