There are two Americas.  We do not speak a common language or have common values.  We are so different we even experience reality differently.

Take the case of the resignation of Congresswoman Katie Hill.

Go read the comments on this Tweet.

The fall into two camps.

Camp One: Hill had sex with a subordinate, she admitted to that, and was accused with evidence of having sex with another subordinate.  This is in clear violation of House Rules.  She resigned to avoid punishment and probably to keep other skeletons locked in her closet that might have come out during the Ethics investigation.

Camp Two: Hill is the victim of revenge porn.  Women are shamed for having the kind of sex men get high fives for.  Its sexism, the patriarchy, and anti bisexual bigotry that made Hill resign and she should rescind her resignation.

Camp Two is unable to acknowledge even the existence of the “don’t bang your subordinates” rule.

We can debate should a member of Congress step down in naked pictures from some college party get put online.  I will recognize that this will be more and more necessary in the future.  Also, leaking revenge porn should be a crime, I’d support that.

But if one side cant face the fact that Hill groomed an employee into sexual servitude and paid her off with campaign funds, we can’t have a rational conversation.

There is one America for who the laws and facts matter and another America for who only feelings and identity matter.

Those two Americas are incompatible.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The great American divide laid bare”
  1. Let’s not forget that she initially denied both accusations before admitting that at least one accusation was true.
    As for the revenge porn, it It revenge porn? Or is it evidence released by a whistle blower?

  2. Camp 2 is also slowly(?) trying to make having sex with a kindergartener acceptable. But considering the amount of pedophiles that comprise the left it’s not that that hard to understand why.

  3. Fundamental axiom of politics (and social media)

    It is not the action of the person that is causing offense, it is the political affiliation of the person taking the action that causes the offense.

    Apply that axiom to any public situation and see how well it holds.

  4. In the end reality wins.

    But you can get a lot of people to run off the cliff flapping their arms and wishing hard while that lesson is learned. Again and again.

  5. Does sexing your subordinate automatically mean you’ve exercised the power of your position over them? Idk. But I do know if the sexes were reversed it would be an emphatic yes.

    Couldn’t care less if some Congress critter sent naked pics to anyone as long as they were consenting adults and it wasn’t part of official business. Likewise I couldn’t care less if they had an affair shot coke into the tip of their dick etc as long has it did not affect their job or their ability to do it.

    Going from your post yesterday related to this, i often muse to myself how I would respond to allegations of my naughty youth if I ever ran for office. I tell yea I did and/or said that if I did so what? I wouldn’t apologize fuck em.

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