By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “The groomers are catching on”
  1. Wow, the projection and dishonesty on that first tweet is astounding.
    Have not they framed ‘racism’ the original sin for the last several years, one that cannot really be forgiven, but also classed anyone to their right as Nazi’s, who should be at the very least attacked on sight?

    And is not the entire ‘groomer’ thing a push to stop people from grooming?
    Like if they weren’t openly advocating for sexual indoctrination of young kids this wouldn’t be an issue.

    They are the ones who had a 4 year long string of every one of their cultural and political leaders either advocating or tacitly endorsing the murder of their political opposition, or at a minimum physical assault or wholesale roundup.

  2. I’m waiting for democrats to make the legalization of sex with children as long as they are “consenting” a part of their party platform.

    You know it’s coming.

    1. Pretty sure that is one of the end goals. The broad normalization of behavior to marginalize and destroy anything related to the nuclear family, and heterosexuality. We’ve already seen language proposed to change “pedophiles” to “minor attracted persons”. This will continue, and of course any opposition to it will be labeled as “insert noun here” phobia.

  3. Shawn,
    The California Democrats are trying to pass a new law making any abortion at any time by any method legal. Not only that, but the Democrats are trying to criminalize any attempt by any CA LEA to investigate any abortion too. The original bill included legalizing and not investigating the deaths of Perinatal children too. Perinatal means babies that were born live and a week to a month old, depending on the definition you used.
    Why wouldn’t people that legalize murdering babies think raping children is A-OK too?

  4. Their butthurt is amusing; it reveals them for bullies who are horrified their targets can fight back.

  5. ‘We just want you to stop being racist! Also, we want to get you fired, ostracized by your friends and family, stripped of the ability to engage in any commerce, and lose your rights.’


  6. And the funny thing is, Kampeas, an obvious lefty, is currently freaking out about terrorist attacks in Israel. Yet the people he supports here PROMOTE those same attacks.

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