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16 thoughts on “The gun community are weird”
  1. C’mon, obviously a joke.
    Now, had it been for a .460 J, which would allow for .45 Colt and .454 Casull… (And in all seriousness, shooting .45 Colt from a .460 S&W “Roger Rabbit” gun, as Mrs B calls them, is quite pleasant.)

  2. the “big gun little dick” crowd will luv it. heh. look at the Ruger Alaskin… big caliber in a short barrel…

    1. I have a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull.
      Now, if my dick was capable of ejecting a 300ish grain projectile at better than the speed of sound, I might use that for lightweight large animal protection when I am backpacking. But, sadly, I am stuck using mechanical means. (then again, having the wild animals doubled over with laughter is a solid plan.)
      And, I will also say that the Alaskan is about as accurate as strong language. It is definitely a last line of defense firearm, close quarters. If you hit something from more than about three feet away, you are lucky. Definitely considering moving to a 10MM. Does not punch as hard, but a few misses will not leave you defenseless.

      1. Take a look at the Grand Power in 10mm. For whatever reason the rotating barrel system seems to help tame the recoil.

        1. Thanks for the tip. I was leaning toward something more common, Springfield or S&W maybe,
          Mainly because of availability and cost, but there is something appealing about the grand power. I will definitely look into that before dropping any cash.

        1. If you can find one on the used market, look for the Toklat edition. It has a five inch barrel. Retains the lower weight, but is a bit more accurate. Ruger brought that version out about a year after I got the standard 2-1/4″ size.
          I like mine, but only having six rounds available is off putting. During a moment of mild stress, one might miss a shot or two. (Or more accurately, end up with about a 20% hit rate). And, while I like to think I am immune from that, I damned well know if I was being charged by a bear or moose, at least half of my shot will go wide. That is why I may be moving to a 10MM. Not as much of a punch, but better odds of hitting more than once. A bunch of small holes, versus one large one.

  3. Now, seriously. One of the main reasons why I did not get a .500 for large mammal protection was because of weight. That is one hefty firearm, even in the 4″ barrel size. Give me about the same level of power in a J frame, and we are talking…
    And, I would not want to feel that recoil.

    1. My first thought was “Ow! The recoil, ow!” I have small wrists and carpel tunnel problems. Just thinking about trying to fire that beast makes me hurt. Weight not as much of a problem (EDC is .357 revolver).

  4. Maybe bring back the GyroJet, but in .500 or even a bit larger.
    That would solve the recoil problem…
    And maybe partially cook what ever you hit if it’s close enough..

    (I keep thinking about a .69 cal blackpowder Hawken style muzzle loader my dad built for one of the guys in the blackpowder ‘mountain man’ club. You could literally stick part of your thumb down the barrel..)

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