I was desperate to believe that this is a parody account.

As far as I have been able to determine  it is not.

The account belongs to a co-founder of a legitimate Left wing magazine based out of Burlington, Vermont.

The honest here is stunning.

I mean he fully admits that the Left hates us, sees us as lesser, and using illegal immigrants, outsourcing, academia, pop culture, and the economy to destroy our way of life, and if we truly resist, they will kill us with the power of the military.

He’s like a Bond villain revealing his evil plan because victory is so assured that he just can’t be stopped.

I think that’s the one thing he’s gotten wrong.

He just doesn’t realize that the men who just want to be left alone are still hanging onto normalcy by their fingertips.

God help him when that gives way.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “The honest of these Tweets is why CW2.0 is inevitable”
  1. He’s also delusional. He’s insisting on a Democrat landslide ‘that started back in 2017’.

    Uh. Yeah. Maybe if his standard-bearer wasn’t a senile old hair-sniffing cretin, sure. 2018’s midterms barely shifted things and that’s WITH a full court press from the media organs.

    Strikes me as a lot of whistling past the graveyard on his part. It is entirely possible McAuliffe will lose the VA governor’s race (even with ‘fortification’), which would be a hell of a whack.

  2. Another liberal idiot keyboard kommando. These people have no idea what joe average 6pack will do when tipped over the edge. “They” are 26% of the population. Maybe they control the media, We the People are turning OFF media..

  3. That drone stuff worked really well in Afghanistan, didn’t it?
    And he’s obviously never heard of the IRA.

  4. If you replace “Republican” by “n***er” you could find what he said in any typical KKK screed.

  5. Twitter bluster, and just another example of why Twitter should be shut down. It’s the worst of the worst in social media and it’s a cancer on our society.

    I guarantee you this person would never say or proclaim these things in real life, short of being in an ANTIFA rally surrounded by like minded drones.

    It’s also worth pointing out that using language like this galvanizes opposition. Do any of you feel shaky in owning conservative beliefs after reading this? Of course not. But I bet it maybe caused a flash of annoyance and has you feeling like digging your heels in.

    1. Agree HP. I also feel that people like this are emboldened now that the Dems are lurching to the left rather than creeping slowly.

      Real life has consequences, and as J.KB points out, a lot of folks are approaching their breaking point.

    2. I disagree completely.
      Twitter has been an incalculably useful resource for identifying who’s an American, and who’s a grotesque subhuman monster whose proper place in the world is kneeling in the street with a gasoline soaked tire around their neck.

      *Edited to clarify that the only part I disagree with is that Twitter should be shut down. As I said, it’s too useful of a target designator to get rid of just yet.

  6. Twitter is garbage. This is just chest-beating by a coward who will fill his pants ten seconds after he realizes what the reaction to his fantasies will involve. Notice it’s all what OTHER PEOPLE are doing.

    Again, Twitter is garbage and it amplifies garbage people. Content derived from Twitter is garbage.

  7. 🎶 Snipers in the night, reviewing targets,
    🎶Bobby’s up tonight, let’s set the ranges,
    🎶Fire on my count, and one and two and three…

  8. Last time I checked Vermont gets awfully cold in the winter. Neither Vermont, nor any of the surrounding states have a source of hydrocarbons (NY refuses to tap theirs). There’s not enough trees to burn to keep the population warm for long.

    1. While Vermont doesn’t have as much tree cover as New Hampshire, it certainly has a bunch. And it doesn’t take much land to produce enough firewood to warm a house for a season. I think you might find that staying warm isn’t a problem, at least not for those who have wood stoves. Cooking would be a bit more problematic (wood burning cookstoves are not so common any longer). And while wood burning refrigerators are possible I have not run into any.

  9. NeatO KeenO

    I know some Burlington and Outskirts pats.
    Sent the link.

    I am sure they will enjoy the O-pinion of this …

    They may even buy’em a beer.

  10. Spent 15min digging at ol’bub.
    His snark made me do it. Just had to know.

    For a Tech guy…
    And a NSA wonk…2.5yrs approx.
    He didnt leave just crumbs.
    He leaves a Highway of DATA. He loves that data. You’ll see.

    Used some obscure search engines with a vpn, that worked nicely.
    You’ll see why he love’s illegals.

    Also appears to be a White Girl Heroin Chic Admirer.
    Hmmmm? ?
    Will Your Comrades like that.
    Can we say Exploitation?

    Bobby bobby…
    I’ve no doubt, you got some sheepskin brains. No doubt. Was lookin at some of your coding and some papers.

    Common Sense? Well….Thats, another story.
    You Talk alot. A-LOT.
    There’s a lesson there, should you care to learn.

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