You may have heard that there was another shooting death of a black man in Minneapolis’s yesterday, but little has made it in the news.

What we know so far is US Marshalls went to arrest a convicted felon under the name of Winston Boogie Smith, Jr for weapons’ violation. He produced a firearm and he got shot and killed for it. Word got out to the community and the usual suspects went out to “peacefully protest” this “unjust” debacle.

And now, some illustrative Tweets collected for your viewing pleasure:

So we have a Judicial failure. Remember, this is important because we were told it is safer and nicer to keep criminals in the street rather than have them serve their debt to society in jail. I am not privy to the details on how Mr. Boogie screwed up again, but if they sent the US Marshals after him, it is pretty fair to say he did screw up royally and was on the run.

Of course, his death will always we unwarranted by The Selected Few that will rather side with felons because not only raises political ruckus but provides with an excuse to “liberate” merchandise from the tight grip of evil Capitalist merchants.


But one location in the target area did not get looted. I wonder why.

Interesting, no? It was the threat of “Gun Violence” that kept the actual violent people away.

Felon does bad thing. Felon gets tracked by US Marshals. Felon does stupid thing with gun. Felon gets shot by US Marshals. Race Activists/Fellow Felons condemn the results of Felon acting stupid.  Race Activists/Fellow Felons “peacefully protest” by looting. Race Activists/Fellow Felons avoid the armed location and rather seek soft targets.

I believe that pretty much covers today’s lesson.

Like I said initially: an illustrative case.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “The illustrative case of Winston Boogie Smith, Jr.”
  1. I was wrong, the mob lived down to its reputation last night.

    After the mostly peaceful mob in Uptown Minneapolis set the dumpster on fire at 10PM in the middle of Lake Street, it took the cops and FD about two hours to put it out and disperse the mob. They finally moved in about midnight.

    In the interim, the mostly peaceful mob looted a CVS, Target, cell phone stores and a few other Uptown Businesses. Many of the businesses are minority owned. (The mob was mostly white and Uptown is a very white, very progressive haven near the Minneapolis lakes and parks.)

    Why the Jacob the Boy Mayor and Governor Walz were not more prepared is a mystery to me. They should have called in the NG and State Patrol to assist the undermanned (about 1/3 have retired, quit or are on disability leave) Minneapolis Police Department. They should have put out warning orders that afternoon after they heard of the police involved shooting. Putting a NG Squad on every corner in a 3-4 block area before sundown would have dampened any trouble.

    Sad, but you have to treat these immature idiots like the unruly criminal children they are.

  2. The police purposefully withdrew from the shooting scene before sundown to try to defuse the situation. It didn’t work. Sounds like it took a few hours to create and implement a back up plan.

    Just like their failures last year to control the original George Floyd Riots over the first Four (4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) days and nights of widespread riots looting, and arson. Deescalation sounds great, sounds progressive, sounds caring. It is also a complete failure. (Room to Destroy?) Probably the only thing worse is trying to control a riot without enough people and without the will and tactics to CONTROL the situation like Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Governor Walz did last May 26-30.

    The only good things are the area and the number of participants were small, unlike last year, when the riots were thousands of people across a several areas of a major metropolitan area; and the attempted dismantling of the roadblocks around Saint George Floyd Square yesterday morning didn’t enrage the mob. Personally, I think a lot of people are over the 24/7 outrage of BLM and George Floyd, but don’t dare say it. I know the people that live around GF Square really want the roadblocks gone, and police and city services back.

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