The Jacksonville Gamer Shooting: How many laws were broken by the killer?

Ladies and Gents, I present you asshole David Katz.

Apparently he got his ass kicked in the game and decided to show how bad of a loser he was by shooting his fellow players.  And as you can imagine, the Usual Suspects of Gun Control have jumped all over the place demanding more laws and solutions to mass shootings and stuff. But I just clicked on News4Jax and found a wealth of interesting information with what already knew from the initial reports:

1- The shooting occurred inside the GLHF Game Bar which by Florida Statute is a Gun Free Zone.
2- Asshole David Katz was from Baltimore Maryland and came to the tournament. Maryland and Florida do not have a reciprocity agreement so he was illegally carrying a concealed weapon.
3- Asshole David Katz violated Federal when he traveled from Maryland without the protection of FOPA as it was illegal for him to carry in Florida.
4- Shooting people and causing death and grave bodily harm is illegal in Florida and pretty sure the rest of the 49.

Questions remain: Where did he get the gun? In Maryland most likely, but we need to find out if legally or otherwise. If he got the gun legally in Maryland, passed then he passed the Background check (oops!). If he got it illegally, that is not only a crime up there but he also illegally transported a firearm across state lines, double miles if the gun is stolen. If he got it in Florida, he did so illegally that is another law he broke.

I am sure I am missing something or other, please fell free to add and correct mistakes in the comments.

PS: He killed 2 people officially so the Mass Murder tag also disappears. I predict his case will vanish from the media by Tuesday night.


3 Replies to “The Jacksonville Gamer Shooting: How many laws were broken by the killer?”

  1. Hmm… an unstable millennial who was seemingly raised in a progtard enclave, aka. Baltimore, breaks all kinds of laws & goes postal when he doesn’t get his participation trophy.

    Shocker. /sarc

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they find out that he was a PantyFa groupie.

  2. I mean, there have been scuffles between rival groups especially when they’re playing in the same internet cafe back in Asia, but really.

    I spent most of early gaming years trash talking and taking shit, I never felt the need to go and kill my opponents in real life.

    Inb4 CSI or some col drama makes yet another smear episode on video games and gun owners.


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