Yesterday, around 2:00 in the afternoon, two persons shot and killed three civilians and a police officer in a shootout and standoff at a Kosher market in Jersey City, before themselves being killed by police.

Evidence indicates that the Kosher market was targeted and one of the shooters “had published anti-Semitic and anti-police posts online.”

According to

David Anderson and Francine Graham have been identified as the suspects, the law enforcement source said. Surveillance footage shows the duo in the deadly shooting moved “calmly” while exiting a van with two long-rifles before deliberately shooting into a kosher supermarket, the mayor of Jersey City said. 

WNBC4 reported that Anderson had at one-time been a member of the Black Hebrew Israelite group citing law enforcement sources. The group has been known to shout anti-Semitic rhetoric while congregating on the streets of New York City and elsewhere.

There you have it.

This was an antisemitic attack against Kosher, Orthodox Jews, not carried out by a MAGA-hat wearing, Trump-supporting, white supremacist…

The NYPD across the river have been dutifully ignoring the attacks on Orthodox Jews on New York City streets.  Jewish Democrats, who are Leftists and generally don’t like the Orthodox, can’t use this against Trump.  So why bother keeping it in the news.

There is no report on the types of guns the shooters used, expect the mention that they were rifles.  New Jersey already has an assault weapon ban, which includes the AR-15 by name, so there is not much to advance on that front.

So everybody that matters in the media really has no incentive to keep this story alive.

All I can say at this point is that this shooting affirms two very important lessons that I have learned a long time ago.

When the government disarms the Jews*, what you get is more dead Jews.

*I will concede that NJ CCW laws disarm all law-abiding citizens, but the lesson is still valid.  

This is why Jews should be more in favor of gun rights and concealed carry.


Dov Hikind, a Jewish former state rep assemblyman New York has more evidence of why this story will be memory-holed.


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By J. Kb

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