Israel is bombing Hamas again, because Hamas is firing rockets at Israel, again.

And just like every other time this has happened, the Jew-haters come out to vomit up their Jew-hatred.

Facts are dead on the Left.  All they have is a fundamentalist adherence to a quasi-religious political ideology based on evil principles.



It’s as predictable as the sunrise that whenever Israel defends itself the Jew-haters come out to spread their lies and Antisemitic propaganda.

I’m going to be honest.  I am actually looking forward to Antifa/BLM engaging in Porgroms while Democrat politicians and police chiefs look the other way or justify it.

Maybe the clue-by-four that American Jews need to get hit with is a boot to the face from a BLM activist or member of the black bloc.

As for me, I’m going to keep doing my dry fire trigger control practice.  Ammo is expensive and hard to come by so I have to be ready to deliver nothing but headshots.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Jew-haters are coming up like worms after a heavy rain”
  1. Israel was a country over 1500 years before pedophile warlord Muhammad shat out Islam onto the world. Not that it matters to these people.

  2. That infographic up there showcases the argument of “colonization”, which is apparently bad. The same is applied to the U.S., colonization = evil. Let the native peoples have their land.
    But it only applies one way. Mass immigration is colonization by a different name, and it’s happening here and in Europe. Those same people celebrate that one, which makes them liars and hypocrites and thus not worthy of listening to.

    1. If they applied that logic universally, they’d demand the Arabs leave Egypt for the Copts.

      That will never happen.

  3. Part of my brain wants to turn Gaza into a self lighting glass paved parking lot. Another part of my brain says don’t kill the innocent people for the action of a few. The first part argues that there are no innocents in Gaza, or they wouldn’t put up with the insanity. That part of my brain is winning the argument.

    1. Had there been ten righteous peoplenin Gomorrah, the Lord would have spared it as Lot pleaded.
      Israel knows they are not G-d and cannot see men’s hearts, and so they will not glass “palestine” unless they have to, for the sake of a potential ten.

  4. Plenty of “countries” did not exist 70 years ago. I am old enough to remember a country called Yugoslavia. Then it broke up and…

    Make the time period a bit longer, and lots of countries did not exist 100 years ago, or 200, or 250 years ago. Heck, the USA did not exist 250 years ago, so I guess that description applies to the country Anita lives in as well. (She writes like a NYC progressive, so making an assumption there.) By her logic, anyone that demonstrates native American heritage has the right to destroy her, and take her stuff.

    1. Israel existed before any other country now existing. You could try to argue that China is an exception, but “China” back then was a small patch of land somewhere in some corner of what is now communist China. But Europe? The oldest European country is probably France, dating back to 900 AD or so (if you’re charitable similar to the case I mentioned for China). But England? Not until 1066 at best. Germany and Italy? 19th century. Holland? 1568 by one measure, 1815 by another. And so on.

      1. Exactly! All these leftist idiots (sorry to repeat myself…) think they are so clever saying Israel is some kind of settler colony, when there is not a single nation on earth that cannot be called exactly the same thing. Lands have changed hands multiple times over the ages, and will do so again and again.

        But, do not confuse a leftist with facts. Especially when they are demonstrating the critical thinking skills they learned as part of their hyphenated-American studies masters degree.

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