First from Oberbürgermeister de Blasio:

First of all, Also, (and I will admit that this is my opinion) New Yorkers are not “warm” people.  They are assholes.

But more importantly, New Yorkers have been shit as social distancing.

As the New York Post put it, Google data show New Yorkers doing less social distancing than people in Italy, Spain.  

Or as ABC7NY put it, Coronavirus News: Social distancing is not happening on the NYC subway.

That is why the mayor wants people to rat out their fellow citizens who are not following his protocols.

New York is not alone, the mayor of Los Angeles wants his residents to do the same thing.

Do you own a small business that the Governor has decided is “non-essential?”

Are you trying to keep your head above water during this time?

Don’t worry, the city of LA will have have the good people of the city rat you out to the LAPD for hiding Jews in your attic staying open trying to make ends meet.

I can’t imagine a worse thing to do than empower every Karen in New York and LA to call or text a secret hotline to turn in their neighbors for violating a guideline.

I’m not saying that social distancing is a bad thing, but encouraging people to call the cops for not social distancing is right out of the George Orwell playbook.

Once again, I have to remind Leftists:

1984 was not to be used as a “how to” manual.  

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Karenovirus comes to New York and LA”
  1. Hey, guys: how about you forward that subway photo, you posted several days ago, to the Karen line?

    Or, post it again, so #all of us# could, as well?

    Simply trying to do our part for Oceania!

  2. Petty tyrants need to petty tyrant.

    The next pandemic better happen when there is a Democrat in the White House. Because if I have to go through this panic again, I swear every leftist in the USA will be getting a personal visit from me.

    Of course, I will simply chat with them about personal liberties and not turning into an overreaching government. Might even bring some cookies. (Store bought, with the packaging sanitized of course.)

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