One of the interesting things to read about WWII history was just how much economic damage the Nazis did to Germany by exterminating the Jews.

This was something covered a bit in Ordinary Men too, how factory mangers in occupied counties had a hard time complying with the Final Solution because of the number critical of skilled workers who were Jews who were being eliminated.

For centuries, because various European countries limited Jewish ownership of land, Jew were forced into professions where knowledge and skill was more important than real estate.  Today we’d call the the knowledge economy.

When Germany exterminated Europe’s Jews, it exterminated scientists, doctors, academics, entrepreneurs, artisan craftsmen, and people critical in the knowledge economy.

We’ll, the Left is recycling the worst ideas of Leftist totalitarian regimes.

Now what they are doing is driving white people out of the knowledge economy.

First story:

New York public schools to end gifted and talented program

New York City will phase out its program for gifted and talented students that critics say favors whites and Asian American students, while enrolling disproportionately few Black and Latino children, in the nation’s largest school system.

Starting in the next school year, the city will stop giving 4-year-olds a screening test used to identify gifted and talented students, according to an outline of the plan released by the city’s education department on Friday.

Too many white kids test into a program for advanced academics so it must be eliminated.

Gifted and talented programs are the foundation for a skilled professional class.  A large percentage of these kids are the ones who go to college for medicine, engineering, business,  etc.

The wealthiest parents will send their kids to private schools.  The rest will pull out of NYC and head for the suburbs or another state.  Those kids will grow up and not want to work in NYC.

Next is this story:

Art Institute of Chicago fires docents because there are too many white women in their ranks.

For more than 60 years, crews of volunteer and beloved docents have faithfully, skillfully and happily introduced a million school children, museum members, donors and other groups to the treasures of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The visitors, of all backgrounds from all over America and foreign countries, were elevated by docents’ knowledge and love of the museum’s 300,000 works of art. The docents’ contribution to the museum’s world-class reputation is incalculable As is the expansion of the horizons of busloads of inner city school children.

And now the docents been fired.

Unexpectedly, rudely, immediately and for the flimsiest and most insulting of reasons: Because most are white.

They will be eventually replaced by a “limited number of paid educators,” less experienced and knowledgable part-timers who will receive a munificent $25 dollars an hour. The current 82 volunteer docents could reapply to be among the much fewer volunteer “educators” who will be chosen on the basis of “an income equity-focused lens.” Whatever that means. How well do you think that will work?

In a nutshell, the docents have to go through a lot of training in art to be able to teach and give tours.

They don’t get paid.

So the demographic that has the free time to do all the work to become a docent without say financial reward is the wives of successful business men who don’t have jobs and can volunteer.

You’ll notice that lots of charities and volunteer organizations are filled with the wives of wealthy businessmen who want something productive and edifying to do during the day, especially something that increases their social status like being a docent at a museum or supporting a symphony or something like that.

It goes without saying, most of these people are middle-aged or older white women.

But that’s note equitable so they must be eliminated.

As a result, there will be fewer docents to give tours and fewer school kids and patrons will be educated in art.

But that is a small price to pat to have fewer white women in the museum.

In the name of equity, quality education is being eliminated.  They would rather have ignorance and mediocrity than too many white people around.

Never is the answer to help others get better, only eliminate the successful.

I just don’t think these people understand that for many middle-class white professionals, a good education for their children is the hill they will die on.

Tell some successful professional family that their kids are not going to get a gifted education and tours of the art museum and they will not be happy.

This is where people who want to be left alone decide to take action, when you threaten their kids’ academic future.

I said it in one of my last posts and I’ll say it again, these people are pushing for a race war and I don’t think they understand what that means.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The Left is going to wreck the economy in the name of equity before (or perhaps causing) the race war”
  1. New York City will phase out its program for gifted and talented students that critics say favors whites and Asian American students[.]

    Whenever you see a story about “inequality” in education that lumps together Whites and Asians, it almost always means that Asians outnumber Whites in whatever program they’re talking about.

    1. Asians are the new Jews. The Left loves us/them when we’re getting beaten up by white supremacists. As soon as we achieve disproportionate success because of a culture of academic achievement and hard work, we become the privileged bad guys.

  2. This is just stupidity and envy, especially with the gifted programs. Back when I went to school, they knew that all kids were different. So we had three teachers/grade and three levels for math, reading and writing. Simply numbered 1,2 & 3. Everyone knew what that meant. The goal was to normalize the classes so that each group – based on smarts, could learn at an appropriate pace.

    I can tell you from years as a technical instructor that the best classes were the ones that everyone was on the same page. The worst where there were a few guru types, and a few numbnuts.

    Everything flows to the lowest common denominator. So what’ll happen is what happens here in Dallas, parents send their kids to private schools, or they move to an adjacent suburb that has good schools. When we used to house shop, the school came first, then the church.

    In DISD (Dallas Schools) they announced they’d no longer suspend Blacks because of way fewer whites getting suspended. Whites are like 6% of DISD. Tells you two things – first, merely numbers- there aren’t enough whites to do any sort of parity. Second, there aren’t that many whites – they go to private schools.

    Here’s another thing they did, (with the kid that had a case of affluenza down here for shooting his tormentor), they expelled you if you couldn’t, wouldn’t behave and were disruptive. Too much fighting? you go the numbnut school. Still can’t get along, you were cut loose. Pursue your GED on your own dime when you mature enough.

  3. The ‘evidence based curriculum’ concept was that putting all the kids of different levels together was that they would ‘help each other’. What actually happens is that the class has to go at the slowest/lowest student’s pace, the majority of the lower/slower kids don’t give a crap in the first place, the ‘average’ kids get bored and start causing issues, the ‘smart’ kids do their thing anyway. Overall grades go down and there is less instruction as the teachers spend 90% of their time dealing w/ the issue students.

    1. Absolutely. And in fact, the US system of having just one level of high school, ignoring the occasional “gifted” or “exam” school that’t seen only a few places, is an example of that. In other parts of the world different systems apply. In Holland, where I grew up, there are a number of different secondary schools, with different purposes: one if you want to go into a trade, another if you’re looking for a white collar field that doesn’t require university credentials, and yet another for “I’m going to university”. They have significantly different curricula and pace. I did the pre-college type; in spite of spending the same number of years as US high school kids do, I arrived here way ahead of them, enough to get me 2 years of college credit (as a physics major).

  4. Well, there’ll be a lot fewer dirt people cluttering up the museums, and then when they close, the art will be available to the elite at fire sale prices… so ‘win- win’ from their point of view.


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