Social Media is now awash with Libertarian memes. Basically, your winning (or losing) candidate still sucks, “If it pleases the crown,” “we are for freedom” and 17,000 repetitions an hour of “Taxation is Theft.”

Dear Libertarians, get over it: your party sucks and it is dead.

I will gladly grant that (L)libertarians have some very great points to make, but political organization it is not only your forte, but you suck at it like a Black Hole sucks everything in the universe. For the love of God, you guys let an openly Pro-Hillary candidate run as VP for your party!

And the message coming out of the Libertarian palaces like the Cato Institute are sounding more like the Democrat platform of 20 years ago than anything truly (L)libertarian.

It is time you guys got your shit together, clean house, find your political North again if you want to be other than another failed Bull Moose Party.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “The Libertarians Always Pop Out After the Electoral Rain.”
  1. My political philosophy is strongly libertarian. That said, the Libertarian Party is joke and will never be a force in U.S. politics. At best they may get three percent of the vote. At worst, they siphon off votes from conservative Republicans and get Dems elected that otherwise would lose. Voting strictly for principles doesn’t win elections, and if you don’t win, your principles don’t mean anything on the larger stage.

  2. Libertarians are a force of chaos, uniting is against their nature. A party that can only agree on what should not be but has no defining vision of what should be will not be able to come together on anything. As a party core they have no vision beside individual freedom and anyone providing such would be departing from the parties sole exitsing value, in essance creating a new party.

    I like the libertarian views of personal libertary but as a party they are pretty much political hipsters.

  3. “That said, the Libertarian Party is joke and will never be a force in U.S. politics.”

    “I like the libertarian views of personal liberty but as a party they are pretty much political hipsters.”

    Sadly true. I keep hoping against hope that the Libertarian party would be the stake-thru-the-heart of the existing corrupt 2-party system, but alas. :-/

  4. The only chance the libertarian movement has in ever becoming a serious player is from within one of the two monopoly parties. Unfortunately, I think too many Libertarian Party officials and candidates enjoy the notoriety of being third-party big fish to the drudgery of being majority-party back-benchers.

  5. “My political philosophy is strongly libertarian. That said, the Libertarian Party is joke and will never be a force in U.S. politics.”

    I came to that conclusion years ago and said the same thing, almost word for word. Libertarian ideals are great but they’re the antithesis of political parties.

    Instead of hipsters, I’ve called them the “special snowflake” party. Libertarians say “my views are so special they don’t align with major parties”.

    I think being an adult is recognizing you’ll rarely if ever agree with all the things a party candidate says, and that elections are virtually always choosing the lesser of two evils – or as I tend to say, sifting the cat box to find the cleanest turd. Realizing you’ll never completely agree with a candidate is admitting you’ll never get everything your way.

  6. I registered LP just because. But I definitely don’t agree with a few of their planks, i.e. open borders.

    I’m cool with drug legalization and I think machine guns should be over-the-counter items. I also think taxation is theft.

    But the open borders thing has me giving pause. How does the Libertarian Party expect to have a libertarian land with open borders? 90 percent of the people coming in, legally or otherwise, are socialists of one flavor or another. You’ll have ideological contamination and then it’s all over.

    1. I’m a registered member of the Libertarian Party, but only because I live in a deep blue district in inner northeast Portland, OR. In 2016, Donald Trump came in at _third__place_ in my district! So I might as well keep my name on the LP voter rolls, if only to cut down on the robo-calls.

      I’ve never voted a straight party ticket in my life.

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