Just 156 tired souls answered Bloomberg’s call to counter-protest the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis held just miles from Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts’s home.

I know how sad of a protest it was, because I was there. I’ve attended wakes with more enthusiasm.

via The Long, Slow Death Of The Gun Control Cult – Bearing Arms.

We are in a position that we have not been since probably before 1934 and perhaps even better. Astroturf cannot beat Grassroots in a world where  Gun Control no longer controls the flow of information.  We have more and more people coming into the gun culture and more people not interested in the gun culture but no longer afraid of it. The Narrative is hard to keep propped up when the alleged average Gun Nut is not the crazy Redneck hidden in the mountains planning to blow up a Federal building but Joe and Jane Nextdoor who you know for many years, watch games, go shopping with and send the kids to the same schools.

Yes, they are dying, but as Michael Bane said some weeks ago, that makes them dangerous animals capable of doing immense damage. We cannot turn our collective backs and we have to keep the pressure until they become dust like a bad guy from an Indiana Jones movie.

To this day, I still cannot figure why they could not simply follow the advice we gave them so many years ago: “Just leave us alone.”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “The Long, Slow Death Of The Gun Control Cult – Bearing Arms”
  1. “Just leave us alone.”

    Because, really, that’s all we want. They would be better served to turn their attention to the catch and release judicial system. 20 years for a little pot is ridicules when killers and rapists are serving a few months, if at all. I say empty the prison of all the non-violent offenders. People like dumb little Johnnie who’s only crime was a little pot and start putting the violent ones away. Cage them and give them a choice. Either learn to play well with others or sit here until you die. Turn the prisons back into prisons, no cable, no weight rooms, nothing. They sit in their cage 23 hours a day.

  2. Their job is NOT to defeat us. Their only job is to keep gun control in the news until the government thinks they are strong enough to strip us of the second amendment. At that point, any excuse will be enough. No facts will matter.

    1. Although I know most Libs suck at math, even the dumbest of them must have realized that the control of the objects (guns) is an impossibility. As Colorado, Connecticut and NY have realized, they can pass a law, but they suddenly found themselves unable to enforce it. That comes with deciding to grab the tiger by the tail but not having a Plan B: What to do after you woken the animal up.
      Even if somehow they managed to stamp out the 2A, what are they gonna do? The majority of people no longer trust the good intentions of the government and taking a ham-fisted approach that will get people killed, including agents sent to deal with “insurrectionists” like us will end up taking them to the losing end faster. I don’t care how much in favor of gun control a cop might be, he is allergic to massive blood loss just like anybody else and probably will flip the middle finger when a Schummer or a Feinstein tells him to go after Joe GunOwner.
      The thing is they are raising the ante thinking they have more chips than we do. That would prove a costly mistake.

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