The mask slips some more

The Democrats in the big cities of the coasts really do see us as little more than slaves who grow their food, drill their oil, mine their ore, and refine it into the trinkets they want to buy.

We’re not really people to them, just peons who exist to supply them with what they want to make their lives easier.

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  1. -Rural states don’t “feed America.” Less than two percent of Americans work in agriculture.-

    And where does this moron think his cucumbers grow? In a hydroponics lab somewhere in Yonkers? His wee bitty mind cannot believe that 2% of Americans now are so effective growing/cultivating/farming food that not only they feed the country but there is plenty for both export and to supply in emergencies worldwide.

    Imagine that 2% going “Screw You, grow your own raisin bran.”

  2. You beat me to it Miguel.
    This moron has no understanding of a swine, cattle or poultry ‘farm’ operation (all in rural areas) or the crop farms, corporate or family owned, that produce almost all the food he buys in his local grocery store.
    Its never entered his thinking process.
    The day the rural farmers decide the cities aren’t worth the trouble is the day he and his ilk begin to starve.
    Part of me used to not want that to happen to anyone, but these days, I think they do need to starve.

  3. These idiots think food comes from the supermarket, no clue where it really coms from. They don’t even realize that places like NYC only have three days or less before the food runs out

  4. What he is saying is that the people in cities should be able to order the people in rural areas to provide agricultural products to them. The last time Democrats made that demand, the Republicans had to start a civil war to stop them

  5. It would be fun to watch a city after us little people decided to not provide ANY goods or services to it . Idiots like this are products of the liberals “education”.

  6. Hey Ken, 2% means 2 out of every 100 people in this country. That’s a lot. Google says there’s about 33,000 journalists, or 0.01%. Yes, math is hard for journalists.

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