I caught this on Tucker last night.

An interview with Deputy Chief William Krampf about the Annapolis News Shooting.

Listen to the question asked by one reporter:

Can you provide the information on the type of shotgun?  Was is a sporting shotgun?  Was it a tactical shotgun?”

There you have it.  They are going to spin this into an anti-tactical shotgun story.

They know Maryland has an Assault Weapons Ban and they enforce it.  The shooter is a MD resident and didn’t use an AR-15.

So they are going to go after tactical shotguns.

Forget that this guy had a long standing feud with the news paper.

I have a feeling we a going to learn over the next few days that this was totally predicable because of previous threats.

The media is going to focus on the type of shotgun used.

Pravda was child’s play compared to the biased mendacity of modern American journalism.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The media are dishonest, anti-gun, retarded, hacks”
  1. Mr. Editor, please get rid of the word “retarded” in your headline and replace it with something like “ignorant.” “Retarded” has pejorative meanings that are offensive to people with mental disabilities and their families and friends. There’s no sense in pissing off people you don’t have to.
    (And, my favorite piece of “breaking news” from yesterday was that the Annapolis shooter used a “shotgun rifle.” That’s what you learn from years of education and experience in journalism.)

    1. Actually, the term you want is “stupid”.

      “The difference between ignorance and stupidity is that ignorance is curable” — Robert A. Heinlein.

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