I find myself using this Trotsky quote a lot: “The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.”

The modern context, again something I have said a lot, is: The old principle: who does not work shall not get health care, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not get health care.

I am aware that people can be removed from the transplant list for engaging in behavior that increases the risk of transplant failure, such as someone needing a liver transplant continuing to drink alcohol.

However, falling back on this justification to deny someone a transplant for refusing a highly contentious vaccine that may have no appreciable effect on the latest variant and may in face cause heart related issues in a patient with a bad heart, seems less about science and more about politics.

To be honest, so many people have been screaming for the unvaccinated to be killed or left to die from medical neglect that I can’t give a hospital the benefit of the doubt that they are making this decision based on a desire for the patient outcome and not partisanship.

Remember, this is what passes for comedy right now.

And just listen to the audience applaud and cheer the cruel deaths of people for not obeying.

So maybe I just don’t trust those who have the power over life and death decisions anymore when they choose death for the unvaccinated that it’s anything other than the desire to inflict cruelty on unvaccinated untermenschen.

I keep telling you I am not a conservative anymore.

Dictator J.Kb. would have every administrator who had a hand in this decision put to the wall in front of the transplant team as motivation to the transplant team to do their fucking job.

They’ve made it clear they want to kill you for your non compliance and it seems like they will take every opportunity do so with medical neglect.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The medical establishment is murdering the unvaccinated for their health”
  1. If this is the new normal, that carrying out ‘risky’ behavior because it is your right, and that results in no healthcare, cool:
    – If you are a dude who sucks dick and get HIV, no treatment for you.
    – If you are skateboarding, fall and break a leg, hey, no treatment

    Welcome to freedomville, cockbag.

  2. There was a story, years back, about some dirtbag with a heart condition who went on the transplant list. Hospital didn’t want to give him a transplant because of his well-documented behavior (drug abuse, criminal activity, etc).

    So his mommy throws a big fit, accuses them of racism, etc, etc. Gets her darling boy moved to the top of the list.

    Well, to no one’s surprise, not long after getting his transplant, the stupid waste of carbon steals a car, gets chased by cops, and drills his car into a light pole, dying.

    If they want to play this ‘risk’ card game, like Divemedic says, I for one want to make it oh so much more interesting for them.

  3. This has to be the #1 tragedy from this entire covid saga. The lockdowns, mandates, infringements on freedoms – all of that was bad, but denying someone a lifesaving treatment because of the vax??

    As Divemedic stated above, how far do you want to take this? Overweight? Drug user? Don’t eat your vegetables? No treatment for you.

    Even harder to understand is why this isn’t being challenged in court and blasted on every media platform that will allow it?

    Faced with certain death without a transplant or getting the vax would be an easy decision I think. I would sue everyone involved for forcing me to make the choice.

    1. The entire concept of using the medical establishment to force compliance isn’t new. It’s why they wanted single payer health so badly.
      I told a story a few months ago about a doctor who deliberately killed a COVID patient. (link below) If this ever happens to someone that I care about, the doctor and I will be having a very in depth conversation wherein I express just how disappointed I am in his decision.


  4. Hope you caught some of Johnson’s round table with the banned and blocked doctors and nurses regarding the ongoing response to the ‘pandemic.’ The hospitals seem to be hell on earth now. Doctors are being threatened with revocation of their licenses if they treat patients with anything other than the assigned methods. Nurses not being able to feed or care for their patients for days on end.

    There is a reason the whole discussion is hard to find and has been buried by the media.

  5. In case you missed it, hospitals are getting paid up to $10,000 per Covid death in their hospital. Ten. Thousand. Dollars per death.
    Paid for by taxpayers.
    And, hospital administration, I assume, are not M.D.s. I don’t think they have to swear, “First, do no harm.”
    This was revealed recently.
    (At least, to me.)
    That would change the dynamic, don’t you think?

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