The NYT is still the paper of Walter Durante

This was Tweeted by the New York Times on Saturday.

Because “Diversity is our Strength™” it is a problem that New Hampshire (and Vermont and Maine) are still mostly white.

Here’s the thing, there can be many reasons that a region has a certain ethnic population.  It could be benign, i.e. patterns of human migration, or it could be malevolent, i.e., enforced discriminatory practices.

The upper Mid West for example, has a large population of people of German and Norwegian heritage because the upper Mid West had a climate and condition that north central Europeans found very familiar and comfortable in.

There is little to indicate that New Hampshire is currently 94% white because of segregation.  The demographics of the region seem to be the result of human migration patters, driven by the economy, geography, and climate of the region, i.e., not a lot of heavy industry, cold and rugged terrain, etc.

If people who are not white want to move to the region for jobs or economic opportunity, fine.  I hope they are treated fairly.  But the attitude of the NYT seems to be “there are a lot of white people there and we need to thin out their numbers.”

The problem is that “there is a lot of [ethnic group] there and we need to thin out their numbers” has historically ended in mass graves.

Just ask the Native Americans, or the Armenians, or Jews, or Tutsis, or Chinese in Cambodia, or Kurds, or Yazidi, the list goes on.

Even if you don’t intend to ethnically cleanse a region (though I believe that deep in their heart of hears every Leftist really does want to cleanse the world of people they don’t agree with) it is the same attitude that genocidal governments and mobs have had in the past.  You just want to “thin out the population” in a more gentle way.

The New York Times of Walter Durante didn’t have a problem with the undesirables being thinned out in Russia and The New York Times of today doesn’t have a problem with the undesirables being thinned out in New Hampshire.


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  1. I’m speculating, but here are a couple of thoughts. One, since the availability of affordable residential air conditioning in the fifties, the migration pattern in the U.S. has been to places where the ground doesn’t turn white from November to March. Two, the available jobs in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, tend to favor existing residents, i.e. farming, fishing, mom and pop businesses, etc. Three, a few years ago, the Vermont state government forced the closure of the Yankee Atomic Station, raising electric rates in the region, and effectively creating an anti business environment. So short of forcibly importing immigrants of color, or “reducing” the population of the melanin challenged, the population mix isn’t likely to change much.

  2. For some reason Maine has become a YUGE magnet for liberal hippy types to move here WHITE liberal hippy types. Theres still a bunch of us knuckle draggin redneck dangerous types here but some are moving to a more American friendly state. So if we “too white” its THEIR fault. Crap like this is just ink filler because they got nothin else to do but gin up fake news
    Also the dumbacrats in control at the capital are not friendly to businesses alot of “fees” and “licenses” and taxes here

  3. “Diversity is our strength!”

    Really? Why? Please explain.

    “Because it incorporates the strengths of several cultures into a stronger society. Like steel, or other alloys.”

    Oh, so steel, which is an alloy of iron and carbon provides a stronger material than iron alone. Got it. I guess if we started including finger nail clippings, mud, spit, quartz, paper, and unicorn farts into the mix, steel would just get stronger.

    “What! That’s stupid. It has to be the right kind of elements to make the whole stronger.”

    “Oh, wait… crap.”

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