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For most of the history of this blog, I left Gun Owners of America alone. To me they are just a shrill group that is very good at chest beating, shouting “NO COMPROMISE” and nothing else. I don’t have to point out they have been as successful as a fart in a category 5 hurricane, but for the sake of keeping the laundry properly stashed in the laundry room, I ignore them.

But this one? To actually trying to fuck up real advancements because their stupid interpretation of the deal? I have to call it sabotage for relevance’s sake.

What are they bitching about? Let’s quote them and see:

* By establishing “voluntary” background checks — such as in HB 1386 and SB 715 — the infrastructure will be created for “mandatory” background checks in the future.

Newsflash: The infrastructure has been there since pretty much the Brady Background Checks have been working. So, you are not discovering life in Mars but tadpoles in the canals near the Everglades.

* Expanding background checks to cover private sales — with a police officer present — multiplies the possibility that innocent gun owners will be arrested when their NICS check erroneously reports them as “denied.”

I guess they forgot the “voluntary” part of the background check. I have to ask, was this an oversight or in purpose? And in case you have not figured it yet, nobody gives a damn about Denials anymore. Feds don’t care and certainly not cops…the same cops that work at gun stores and run background checks when you buy a gun. Some of those transactions end up as Denials and the cops themselves tell you to appeal the denial.

* Expanding background checks to cover all gun sales puts the final puzzle piece in place to implement a Universal Registration System.

Seriously, see above.

* Finally, in regard to protective orders, two of the compromise bills (HB 1391 and SB 49) can result in the incarceration of non-violent individuals who had no idea they even had a protective order against them.

On this one, I am going to quote Sebastian:

GOA’s other premise is that there’s no state analogue mens rea requirement of “knowingly” in the state mirror to the Domestic Violence Restraining Order prohibitions from the Lautenberg Amendment. Looking at the federal statute, 18 USC 922(g)(8), I’m not seeing where it says knowingly. The Virginia bill does in fact say “knowingly.” I’m pretty sure if you can show that the person knew they were subject of a DVRO, and knew they were in possession of a firearm, the mens rea requirement is fulfilled. I admit, I don’t really understand GOA’s argument here. Proving mens rea is always part of the state’s burden for a serious offense even if the statute does not explicitly say so.

Source: GOA Sides With the Anti-Gunners | Shall Not Be Questioned

And besides, if VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. A.K.A The local team) is not opposing the bills because they “simply codify federal law.” And only a fool would dismiss what VCDL has to say knowing that it has been one of the most effective pro-gun state organizations in the country, if not the most.

The other win that the deal has provided us was a monumental slap to the face and crumbling of the morale of the Gun Control groups. Let us not forget McAuliffe was Bloomberg’s golden boy,  heavily baptized with his cash that put him in the governorship. He has been the shinning example of Governor that has been paraded by Moms Demand, Everytown, Brady and CSGV. The Chose/Bought One was brought down by Gun Owners and good political moves, something that was not supposed to happen, yet it did. It is a colossal PR win for our side. Why screw with it when there is practically no downside?

GOA confuses strategy with compromise. Unfortunately sometimes it is GOA and groups like them that really compromise what could be fixing a problem and piss enough people to kill the beginning of a solution.

Don’t be this guy.
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “The one where GOA goes Dudley Brown.”
  1. Yeah, they are off the ‘res’ again… As a long time member of VCDL, I can agree, it was actually effective in VA, and had some good impacts nationwide.

  2. I’m a member of GOA & VCDL, and I usually do write my representatives with the GOA’s messages, but this one didn’t make sense to me. I can understand not wanting to set the example of letting the anti’s take our rights by way of executive power and then giving less back by a compromise, but they have to look at what’s on the table right now. With the deal, we lose practically nothing and now accept permits from ALL STATES, which means Virginia permit holders will actually GAIN reciprocity with GA, CO, and NH. And any bills from the anti’s that don’t pass muster will be shot down in committee or the house. We still need to get rid of executive order 50 though, and there are bills in the works to take care of that. Finally, I didn’t see any support from GOA at lobby day either…

  3. I dont think that they gave a lot, but I think that they gave in when they didnt have to.

    I think that the governor essentially took 2nd amendment rights hostage and by doing so made a big misstep. He put himself in a no-win situation, and I think that they could have gotten the win without giving an inch. The fact that they did give an inch upsets me. He was not in a winning position, and he was desperate to get out of what he had gotten himself into. In that situation, the GOP held all of the cards. Why give him an out other than a complete self reversal of what he enacted?

    Also, did you notice how quickly they caved on the ‘defunding of his security detail’? Why did they do that? Why not use those types of measures to get him to capitulate without any type of compromise?

    Finally, on the GOA sides with any-gunners argument… Are the anti-gunners really attacking him? Or is that all just noise to pander to their base and make it look like they are not happy? I dont think they are going to make any efforts to remove the GOV from office, and I doubt that he wont continue to get anti-gun financial contributions and/or continue on up the corporate ladder. I really dont think the anti-gun side was attacking him as much as it was just an instance of petulant children making noise and looking for attention.


  4. Is Kory Watkins related to Larry Pratt? Or is Pratt trying to live down to the British-ism meaning?

    Full Definition of prat


    : a stupid or foolish person

  5. But you always have to consider what you are paying for anything you gain. Steep price on this one.

  6. VCDL may be for it, but they are sniffing the wind, as they may have discovered a skunk in the parlor. McAwful is too conniving to drink the sweet water of freedom without a canteen of Kool Aid in his back pocket. You can bet that the good Governor has an exit strategy and I bet all the antis are in on it, or will be once he jumps.

  7. As a gun owner for 60 years and legal concealed carrier for 35 years, I’ve seen the anti gun lobby play some dirty tricks. They will never stop trying to take our rights away. This is why I think GOA has got a no compromise philosophy. After all McCauliff did take something away and now wants to trade it back. I’m all for compromise when we play fair. The problem is that the anti gun movement doesn’t play fair.

    1. GOA’s philosophy is “100% or nothing” which gets them exactly that: nothing. To put it in a different light: They would have been in opposition of the space program to because Apollo 1 was not scheduled to go to the moon. And yes, we know the Opposition played and play dirty. If you ever lay your hands on the transcriptions of the Ban oon Assault Weapons and Armor Piercing ammo back in the 90s, you’d crap at the outright lies they said to get their shit passed. Hell, just 3-4 days ago I saw in the Florida House a Dem Rep opposing Open Carry because of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston!
      You advance, consolidate, repeat. 10 years ago, Campus Carry was a laughable notion, a pipe dream. We have now what? five states where is legal and others with bills (Florida included) to legalize CC?

      advance, consolidate, repeat

  8. I’m active with VCDL and also a lifetime member of GOA. I think that VCDL is one of the most effective 2nd Amendment organizations in the country, and their role in the “compromise” is exemplary. We got more with full reciprocity than we had before, and the antis got nothing new. The VA State Police always had a presence at gun shows, so opening up voluntary checks merely gives the VSP something to do at gun shows besides giving attendees the once-over as folks came in the door. Key word “voluntary”. The restraining order thing, like it or not, was already federal law. In the end, the gov realized he was about to be embarrassed big-time and caved. The gov’s spin is just that, empty spin.

    I like GOA a lot and they generally do great work. I routinely submit letters based on their recommendations. GOA missed the boat on the VA reciprocity agreement, but nobody is perfect. The last thing we need to do is take shots at each other. The antis are too well financed for us to tolerate division in our own ranks. I don’t think that it’s a big deal that GOA missed the boat on this particular issue. I just didn’t send in their recommended letters and moved on. There are plenty of other issues in the anti’s agenda to oppose.

  9. Every now and then I see a comment about running the Governor out of office. IIRC, the governorship of Virginia is a ONE TERM office. He CANNOT run for a second term until he has been out of office for a term, which will end in a relatively short time. I also don’t know of a provision for the recall of a sitting governor in Virginia. Not trying to be a tool, but I do wish people would try to learn something about the political process on which they are commenting.

    1. And we thank you for the input. I will admit trying to keep up with every political nuance is impossible and that is why I give a 95% free rein for people to comment in the blog.

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