The one where gun people go “You dumb motherf….”

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – A west suburban man and woman have been charged with robbing three banks in May using a stolen AK-47 rifle.
James D. Williams, 41, and Alexis T. Handelman, 21, are accused of three armed takeover bank robberies in a three-week period, according to a statement from the FBI. They are both residents of Bartlett.
The duo has been charged with robbing an Old Second Bank branch May 11 at 323 E. Norris Drive in Ottawa in north central Illinois; a NorStates Bank branch May 21 at 5384 Grand Ave. in north suburban Gurnee; and an Aurora Bank and Trust branch May 31 at 2287 W. Galena Blvd. in west suburban Aurora, authorities said.

Leading up to the robberies, Williams stole an AK-47 rifle and rented different vehicles, according to the FBI. In at least one of the incidents, he attached stolen license plates to a vehicle he’d rented.

Pair charged with suburban bank robbery spree using stolen AK-47

The convenience of robbing in Chicago. Even if somebody realized the mistake, there was nothing they could have done.  In other cities? He may not had much luck.

They robbed two other banks and at least once he had ammo because a shot was fired.

Good thing, he is safe now as the police arrested him and his partner in crime.



9 Replies to “The one where gun people go “You dumb motherf….””

  1. Remember that bank employees have been told for decades not to resist in any way. You no longer need a weapon to rob a bank; the standard means is to “pass a note”. At least it is in MA.
    If the right of self defense were restored to bank employees, this sort of stuff would go away quickly.

  2. The sad thing is, I grew up in Aurora, and it has become the libturded, stupid suburb of CHITCAGO, and has also become 2nd amendment retards, banning everything related to it… I am so fucking glad I left that rat-hole, and shit laden land of libturds… I hate even admitting I once lived there… but when I was a kid, guns were in the back of trucks, even in the city…
    I hope they all learn hard lessons…. they are bleeding people upwards of 1200 families a month… all repubs or conservatives, mostly… I have been told, they now passed a law in a suburb of shit town, that if you try to sell your house, and move out of state, the city can condemn and steal your property, and money, to keep you there… I would definitely never go back….

  3. TRULY, they suffered the false bliss of ignorance. This is what happens when you cut class too often, drop out when 16YOAQ, and , well, you never learned to read because that’s oppressive and Racis’

  4. “Play stupid games, when stupid prizes”… However, given the widely accepted policy among all banks To cooperate With all bank robbers, he could have shown up with a Daffy Duck squirt gun and still they would have given him all their money. So, although interesting from a “knowledge about guns” perspective, this event really has nothing to do with the overall question of who knows what about firearms.

  5. Firstly lol no magazine? Smh. How did they make it out of bank robbery #1? Second…AK47? Highly unlikely as the ak47 is is fully automatic requiring a class III firearms tax stamp which is grossly expensive and top security level style background check to be considered. In all likeliness that is a M10 semi automatic rifle, ie an AK47 lookalike. Too bad it doesn’t have the same ring as ‘stolen AK47’

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