Almost two years ago I wrote a post about an internet meme in which I said the groups protesting each other, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, and BLM, were just a diversity of Nazis because they all borrowed from the same racial identitarian politics and were all Jew haters.

Two years later, they had the chance to prove my point again.

The Honorable Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan decided to have a rally in Dayton, Ohio.

Nine Klansmen showed up.  Nine.  Whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo.

Some six hundred protesters showed up challenge the Klan.

If you were to think “hey, that’s great, that’s a 66:1 ratio of people who are against racism and hatred versus people who are for racism and hatred” you forget who makes up the Left these days.


Guess who was destroying the flag?

Hint: not the guys with the white robes.

When Stathes learned of the rally, she decided to hold a fundraiser; The Barrel House donated a dollar per pint sold on May 25 to the National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton. After she posted the fundraiser on Facebook, two local businesses each matched the dollar per pint.

“People came out strong to support that,” Stathes said.

That afternoon, someone posted a series of photos on her Facebook site showing people in the counterprotest area first attempting to burn an Israeli flag, then tearing it and stomping on it.

“I was shocked to see that,” Stathes said. “I saw some counterarguments (in the comments) as to why they might have done that, but at the same time it’s totally unacceptable. It made me feel sick.”

Welcome to the reality of Social Justice.

According to Stephanie Hausner, deputy director of the Israel Action Network of Jewish Federations of North America, Students for Justice in Palestine equates Zionists and the KKK as fascists.

Native American rights activist Corine Fairbanks of Dayton took the series of photos, which have been widely circulated on social media. Fairbanks posted them at her Facebook page just before the end of the rally and counterrally, with the heading: “More Allies, and Palestinian Relatives, wanting to burn flag – FREE PALESTINE!! Deport the KKK.”

I saw a lot of this in South Dakota.  Some of the worst Jew haters were Native Americans who had never met a Jew but were sucked into Leftist activism and equated the Palestinians with Indians and Jews with white settlers.

Jen Mendoza, with the Cincinnati Palestine Solidarity Coalition, is a friend of Fairbanks. Mendoza is shown in the images wearing sunglasses and attempting to set the Israeli flag on fire with a cigarette lighter.

In an interview with The Observer, Mendoza said the incident occurred after she saw three young men with an Israeli flag and entered into what she described as a confusing discussion with them.

“And so recognizing the state of Israel as being of the same ideology (as) American capitalist imperialist settler colonialism, and seeing that flag on our side (counterprotesters area) was jolting,” Mendoza said of her reaction at the sight of the Israeli flag.

Because the Left is made up of ideological purists who will not tolerate any other viewpoint and will respond to one with violence, but they are not the fascists.

“One of them said that he was from Israel. And then the other two boys looked Arab,” she added. “The other kid, he was the one doing a lot of the talking, he made comments about God giving them the land, and at that point I was like, ‘Well, you’re on the wrong side of this fence if that’s what you believe.’”

Does that apply to all religions or ancestral claims or are only the Jews wrong?

Mendoza said that after the conversation went on and he said “some extremely Zionist, racist things,” he asked her if he should throw it on the ground and stomp on it.

She told him she’d be happy to burn it for him.

“And then he flipped and was like, ‘Yeah, let’s burn this flag right now,’” Mendoza added, “and he helped tear it apart — and then he told us that he was doing a social experiment to find out where people really stood on fascism. And then he began chanting ‘Free Palestine.’”

I’m pretty sure taking someone else’s flag then burning it because you don’t like what they believe is … what’s the word … fascist.

Fairbanks said that a young woman in the crowd started yelling at those destroying the flag, saying, “What are you? Against Jews?”

“And I remember them (the young men) saying that no, they weren’t against Jews, they wanted Palestine to be free,” Fairbanks said.

No, they hate Jews, but they know saying so isn’t popular.

Fairbanks said she responded along with others that “No one’s against anyone except for colonial imperialism.”

And that is the excuse they use to justify driving the Jews out of a place they have lived for over 5,000 years.

“I’m American Indian,” she said. “To say I’m against America and the United States government and what they’ve done to indigenous people, yes definitely. So I am in solidarity with indigenous people worldwide. I know there’s a complex history with the indigenous people and what’s happening in Israel, I understand there’s a complexity that’s very different from what’s happening here, but there’s also a lot of commonality between Native American people here and the indigenous people there.”

She doesn’t understand shit.

Fairbanks added that the flag of the state of Israel “has nothing to do with Judaism.”

That is their cover.

Israel exists as a sovereign homeland for the Jewish people.  To deny Jews self-determination in a sovereign homeland is antisemitism, but if they argue that Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, suddenly they are on the moral high-ground.

A rally of nine white supremacists brings out an even larger number of Jew-hating Leftists.

the Left shows us who they are more and more every day, I just don’t understand why so few Jews believe them.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “The other side of the Klan coin”
  1. “So I am in solidarity with indigenous people worldwide.”

    Considering my own ancestry the Scots were pretty badly treated by the English, So which side am I supposed to be on. Most of Europe has as at one time or another been overrun by various foreigners conquering and holding the land only to be conquered by some other group of foreigners. In Africa, Asia and the Americas, the story is much the same. The blood lines were throughly mixed, So what exactly constitutes an “indigenous” population. Ironically, the Jews remain one of the few truly identifiable population groups, and that is because their religion tends to make assimilation a one way street.

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