In George Orwell’s Magnum Opus, 1984, a child hero was a child who turned in his or her parents for thoughtcrime.

The idea of the “hero child” was based on reality in the Soviet Union.  good Soviet Citizens were supposed to put Soviet ideology over such banal things as familial love.

This is happening in the West at the current moment, but not in the way that Orwell thought.  Parents are putting their Progressive ideology over the wellbeing of their children.

I do not know what the context is here, but some people recorded a little girl who was placed on a chair to be danced at by a Drag Queen at a party, surrounded by cheering adults drinking wine like it was the little girl’s bachelor party in Vegas.

Look at the look on this little girl’s face:

I have two children.  That is not a happy face.  She is not sure what is happening and is uncomfortable.  That girl is scare of what is going on.

I have no idea how not one single other parent in that room couldn’t see that and realize what was going on was very, very wrong.

Because they had put their ideology over support for Progressive ideology over the comfort of that child.  It was more important that they show support for a Drag Queen than protect a little girl’s innocence.

Watching this made my fatherly instincts kick into overdrive.

It’s said that nursing mothers will spontaneously lactate at the sound of a baby crying.

Seeling that look on that little girl’s face made me want to punch the fuck out of that Queen and carry the girl away on my shoulder.

Then again, I’m not a “hero parent” who would willfully harm my child to show how woke I am.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The “Parent Heroes” of LBGT Support”
  1. I dont have kids. When I see this stuff and drag queen story time in schools it makes me puke. Everytime i hear some bleedin heart bleatin about how teachers should be paid more money i think of shiitte like this and say no way. Pay em minimum wage, thats the quality we get now.

  2. I remember when drag was Milton Berle, or the Monty Python group doing comedy. Where did we go wrong?

    1. I was a big fan of Benny Hill growing up.

      Drag has been a part of “gay culture” for a long time. It’s cross dressing burlesque. My cousin got into Drag when he came out of the closet. I don’t care what adults do in an adult club. It would be hypocritical of me to condemn Drag when I’ve been to a titty bar or two.

      It is Drag around children that I have an issue with. I vehemently oppose the sexualization of children and exposing them to sexual material. I hate little kid beauty pageants for the same reason. If a bunch of adults want to whoop it up while a Drag Queen dances at a party, leave the kids home with a babysitter and Sesame Street.

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