The Duke of Sussex believes the UK is too dangerous for him and his family to visit without state protection, as it emerged he is taking legal action against the government to allow him to pay privately for police security while in Britain.
Prince Harry lost taxpayer-funded police security when he and Meghan stepped back from royal duties in 2020. The couple pay for private security in the US, where they now live.

Harry is seeking a judicial review against a Home Office decision that prevents him personally paying for police protection for him and his family while in the UK. His legal representative said the duke’s private security team did not have adequate jurisdiction abroad or access to UK intelligence information required to protect him, his wife, and their children, Archie and Lilibet. They said the family had been subjected to “well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats”.

UK too dangerous for us to visit, says Prince Harry | Prince Harry | The Guardian

The British Royal Family barely twitches my interest needle. They are somewhere between “Who gives a rat’s ass for that anachronism?” to “For fuck’s sake, it must be a slow news day. OK, what happened now?” Even the sainted Diana was nothing much other than a receptacle for royal sperm and continuance of the Line IMHO and much overblown fame as a real-life “suffering” Disney Princess.

So that poor Harry and Official Wench feel less than protected because they cannot access privileged information of alleged threats against them in England, is just too much entitlement whining and they can go fuck themselves for all I care.

I am sure they can get another very special show with Oprah to explain to the common folk why life is being unfair to their very wealthy and privately protected asses.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “The Poor Rich Royal Brats can’t go Home.”
  1. I don’t understand.
    We fought two rather nasty wars to get rid of the SOBs.
    Then we saved their asses – 3 TIMES – in the 20th century.
    Haven’t we earned some peace from them yet?

    1. Let’s see. WWI, which we entered because of German unrestricted submarine warfare (unleashed because we were shipping vast amounts of munitions and food to Britain and France, though we’d have happily sold them to Germany, as well, if it weren’t for the effective Royal Navy distant blockade of Germany), and WWII, which we only really entered because the Japanese attacked and Germany and Italy declared war on us. Neither to save Britain, not that they’d needed saving. They wouldn’t have won either war without us, but neither were they likely to have lost without us. They were holding their own, if barely. But what was the third one?

    1. And I love the use of language to (potentially) hide something. “neo-Nazi threats” and “extremist threats” is an expansion of the language.

      As written, it implies that the threats are coming from the right side of the political spectrum. Yes, I know that NAZI is far left, but the media has spent the last 80 years trying to tell us that because NAZI’s are to the right of communists they are “far right”.

      They are hiding that “extremists” could reference anybody, but they want the reader to think it is only the right that is threatening them.

  2. The Brits are just pissy that they lost their empire and grand place in the world, and we stepped in. Some think we screwed them over, which is pretty rich coming from Perfidious Albion.

  3. Harry so much wants to be a commoner, albeit one with all the perks of being a royal. He doesn’t realize folks are only indulging him in his fantasy. He will never be a commoner, and his wife will never be a royal.

  4. Harry is a combat veteran and a graduate of the UK’s top military academy.

    If he was so scared he could get a gun. Even the LA Sheriff would sign off on a CCW permit for the former prince.

    And being married to an American he’s a lawful resident alien, so it’s legal.

    But he won’t because of his wife.

    The lesson, never stick your dick in Woke. Not even once.

  5. As someone who tries to see each side of an issue, my question is could another celebrity pay for their own police protection in Britain? Say Anthony Hopkins for instance? If he can then they should be allowed as well. If not then no.

  6. I’m an American with a direct blood lineage to the revolution. I consider it the definition of “Unamerican” to care at all what happens to the British royal family.

    Sot of you bloody wanker.

    1. I respect the Queen — anyone who could have gotten clear but stayed in London for the Blitz and volunteered to help gets my respect. Her son is a waste of protoplasm, and the grandsons are… a mixed bag.

      Harry’s clearly p-whipped, which is bizarre given he has to have had his choice.

  7. My favorite description of royalty comes from Neil Smith (in “Down with Power”):
    The next time you see Betty Battenberg, the Monarch of Airstrip One, or her genetically-depleted halfwit offspring being grandly celebrated on television, remember that she’s the Queen only because her ancestors bashed in more heads, and intimidated more helpless, unarmed peasants, than anybody else around. That’s all there is to royalty; that’s all there ever was.

  8. I don’t blame him too much. He basically married a younger Kamala Harris. Dipping wicks in woke always brings mental illness.

    Plus, she’s a gal from the modern Kardashian celeb culture that thrives on drama, conflict, drama, trauma, and drama- if you can’t get your face in the public eye because of talent, then drama works.

  9. Dear Harry, the Provos have decided that shooting you would be a waste of ammunition so you have nothing to fear. Actually keeping you and your get alive and well does more for the anti-monarchist cause than any regicide.

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