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I had a couple friends over at my place. While I was out smoking a cigarette I thought I heard some knocking but wasn’t expecting anyone so didn’t think much of it. The knocking turned into a couple bangs, I look out the peep hole and saw a guy with a mask and his lil friend behind him. I locked the door thinking they’ll hear it know someone’s there and leave but they didn’t. So I went and grabbed my rifle. Extremely thankful I got to the door when I did. VERY glad I had it. Never get to comfortable thinking nothing can happen, stay safe out here how ever you see fit.
there was no trigger pull.

One of the features of an AR-15 is that it is easily recognizable and two criminals who just kicked in a door who find themselves staring straight down the barrel of one have little choice but to turn tail and run if they don’t want to die.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The power of the AR-15”
  1. I think I mentioned in a post before where in a night after a hurricane, we were without power and I was sitting on my doorstep smoking a cigarette by gas lamp light. Four unknown “yutes” drove by twice and gave me the look of predators. The third time they actually stopped and they went as far as opening the doors when I pulled the old WASR out and just showed it.

    They were gone pretty fast for some reason.

    1. I read a lot of similar stories after Katrina from people who lived in the parts of New Orleans that didn’t flood.

      Some people tried to take advantage of the chaos and loot the expensive homes in the neighborhoods that were on high ground. Those home owners refused to evacuate and would sit on their porches armed to deter the looters.

      1. As I recall, the authorities tried to disarm the good people, right? I take it they didn’t succeed everywhere.

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