The Power of True Grassroots: Nova Armory stays!

From a Virginia Citizens Defense League’ email alert shared by John R..


>Wednesday night the Arlington Zoning Board voted UNANIMOUSLY to keep NOVA Armory’s Occupancy Permit in place!

We had a HUGE turnout – truly flooding the room to standing room only proportions earlier in the evening.

There was only ONE anti who spoke, almost the entire rest of the room was wearing VCDL stickers.  She gave several lame excuses why NOVA Armory should have their permit revoked AND she didn’t want NOVA Armory to be able to reapply EVER!  (I love it when the antis overreach.  Makes my job so much easier.  They simply can’t help themselves, bless their pointed little heads.)

That even shocked the Zoning Board.

The Board members asked some very key questions and that gave me my first hint that they viewed this as a frivolous case.

I was particularly pleased that we had so many women speakers!  I love to see women at these things as it destroys the stereotype of gun owners being only men.

I am proud of our members and all of the great comments that were made.  YOU GUYS AND GALS are what makes VCDL a force to be reckoned with!  I thank you for showing up at these events, for representing gun owners so well, and for your sheer determination that gun rights WILL only be moving forward in the Commonwealth!

Here are a couple of photos of the hearing.  The second photo shows gun owners raising their hands in support of NOVA Armory.  Not all the room is shown in the photos by any means.  ***Oh, and that photo was taken at 10:21 PM!*** – long after many people had left and gone home due to the late hour:

Dear Shannon, that is how you win, with real people and not some heavily paid consultants and washed out Hollywood people.

5 Replies to “The Power of True Grassroots: Nova Armory stays!”

  1. How could this be a grass roots political action?

    I don’t see any spray painted graffiti, offices set on fire, or police cars overturned? Where are the papier-mâché giant heads? The rocks and bottles thrown at the police? You guys just don’t understand how you are supposed to get things done!


    Good job. Was there any media coverage?

    1. The lack of graffiti, burning cars and such is exactly the way to differentiate true grassroots from the Soros/Bloomberg/DNC astroturfing.

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