The Presient scared the sleep out of me

I don’t sleep much with the keeping an eye on an elderly mom. So when I know I can get away with it, I sneak a nap and it is usually a deep one.

Cell phone went batshit on me and it was the test of the Presidential Alert.

Dear President Trump, next time do a Ronald Reagan type joke like :”You are now authorized to start hunting Liberals.”

OK, some people on our side may take it seriously. I see the drawback.

You still owe me an hour’s worth of shut-eye.

8 Replies to “The Presient scared the sleep out of me”

  1. You can turn off emergency alerts, most of them at least. If i read correctly, presidential alerts cannot be turned off at all. That’s why liberals are fighting it so hard, just because trump is president, not obama or clinton.

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