The Press does not like Background Checks… when applied to them.

Via Sean Sorrentino

For the first time this year, the Secret Service has a hand in credentialing the media; during previous conventions only the Congressional press galleries were in charge of credentialing the media. Members of the media began hearing more about the Secret Services’ role in the credentialing process as they began to attend walk-throughs at the convention sites in Philadelphia and Cleveland, leading BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton to issue a strongly worded letter to fellow journalists, urging them to speak up about the new processes. In his letter Stanton cited concerns about the background checks, the lack of a clear appeals process, and the involvement of a third-party subcontractor, urging his fellow journalists to express their concern over the process.“It seems like an unnecessary step and it gives them in my mind a new and troubling precedence to try and exert authority over the press corps,” Stanton said in an interview. “It creates a logistical burden, a troubling precedent for their ability to have almost a de facto say in who is qualified to be a reporter at these events. What if they use this as precedent to extend to other campaign events or any government events?”

Source: Secret Service takes on new credentialing role for conventions – POLITICO

The sound of thousands of whiners concentrated in one article. I don’t know if they are more insulted because they are treated like potential criminals or treated like the “redneck gun owners” they thoroughly despise.

“They’re making our areas de facto national security area. That makes no sense to me personally,” Stanton said. “Secret Service telling us we’re just going to have to live with it and I don’t think we should go quietly on it.

You don’t think you should go quietly? You are right, and I support your right not to be treated like a criminal. But you have to understand that you helped make the bed you are now asked to lay down on when you had no problem demanding that millions of Law Abiding Citizens endure Background Checks just because you don’t like guns.

The problem is, you are going to find few Americans that will support you as Journalists are trusted at the same level of politicians and used-car salesmen. Gun People have a much higher rate of acceptance and trust.

But it gets better:

In his letter, Stanton expressed concern that reporters who had been arrested while covering news events might be flagged in a background check and be denied a secure credential.

All of the sudden, arrests are not the evidence of criminality that forbids a person to exercise his or her rights? That is refreshing!


“It looks like we’re going to be doing this regardless of people’s bad feelings about it. I’m still a little leery on why we’re doing this,” said Zatkowski.

How nasty is when a few people have the power to decided your status and there is nothing you can do about it.

I am gonna close with a comment I saw in Facebook about this article and not only applies but it is a warning for everybody who thinks the Bill Of Rights is outdated and needs to be changed in regards of the Second Amendment:


The argument you use to restrict other people’s freedom today, will be used against you tomorrow.

step on constitution


4 Replies to “The Press does not like Background Checks… when applied to them.”

  1. Oh, so they don’t like the taste of their own medicine? 😛

    “The argument you use to restrict other people’s freedom today, will be used against you tomorrow.”

    It could hardly be put any better than that.

  2. I’d like to think this will make them think differently about what they say about other rights, but I know it won’t. It’s the same as when Piers Morgan laughed at the idea that gun owners feared the government becoming tyrannical, then claimed the government was being tyrannical a couple months later when he found out the administration was spying on journalists.

  3. I’m just going to take this moment, and quote John McLaine (from Die Hard):

    “Welcome to the party, pal!”

    Not so fun when it’s your ox getting gored, is it?

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