Having survived Rest in Power: The Treyvon Martin Story, I decided I needed so subject myself to another TV show that I know I will hate.

This time around, it is USA’s The Purge.

I’m three episodes in and I’m not sure I can take any more of it.

The Purge started out as a home invasion thriller with some weird political undertones built on a shaky premise.  It has gotten more political since then.  The First Purge was clearly anti-Trump TDS insanity on the big screen.

I keep saying a second civil war is inevitable, and the Purge series proves it.

Nothing about the Purge series makes sense to anybody who engages in critical thinking.

Supposedly the beneficiaries of the purge are the rich and the upper classes.  I’m not rich, but I definitely fall into the upper middle class demographic, well inside the top 10%.  I don’t say that to brag, just that I am, according to the movies and show, supposed to be trilled at the purge.

So why would I want one night a year when I have to worry that my family will get massacred?

What is the benefit to me and my property value, my investments, or future plans, if one night a year everything I have could legally be burned down?

The Purge would be devastating to the economy.  Good economic growth requires long term predictability.  People want to see far down the road if they are going to bet on the future.  This is why arbitrary and rapidly changing bureaucratic regulations are so damaging to the economy (*cough* Obama *cough) because people are less likely to invest if they are not sure if a business plan today will be regulated out of existence tomorrow.  Now add the Purge and thing about investment if once a year a disgruntled employee or whatever could legally burn down your investment.

In the show, it’s the working class that suffers the most.  But what is the economic benefit of that?  Why would I want to wipe out plumbers, mechanics, or small business owners?  How does society benefit if the working class is wiped out and I can’t get a contractor to fix my roof?

What about my anger?  Who do I want to kill?

The show is filled with people who want to kill their bosses.  How does that apply to me?  If I kill my management, even if it is legal, what does that do for my job security?

But what about the poor?  The really poor?  Wouldn’t the Purge be the best way to end the welfare state?

No, because we still need cheap, unskilled labor.

Let’s say the revolution happens and the NFF is real and I had free reign to create whatever policy I wanted to fix society and I really wanted to get rid of the poor.  Blank check.

Here is how awful I’d be.  I’d institute a modern version of the Victorian work house.  Having lived around the chronic and generationally poor, the problem they have is bad decision making.  Freedom is too much of a burden for these people.  No more welfare.  I’d just open up facilities where the poor can live in dorms, be provided with food, necessities, and a small allowance, in exchange they are required to do work.  The poor house would hire out residents to the private sector on a contractual basis or do civil service work like washing the poop of Liberal city streets.  The poor house would set these peoples schedules and manage their lives.  It would also provide extracurricular education for their children on topics like home economics, good etiquette and social behavior, and decision making.  The poor could always leave the house but no social welfare would be available so they’d have to fend for themselves.

I don’t want to kill the poor, I want to put them to good use.

Nothing about the Purge makes sense, until you consider it to be radical Progressive projection.

Who would really Purge?  We know the answer.  The same demographic that makes up Antifa.

You hear it all the time the way the Progressives say “Conservatives/Republicans/GOP hate the poor/working class.”  But they are the ones who push class warfare.

It wouldn’t the 1% Purging the poor, it would be the Bernie Bros and Ocasio-Cortez supporters who would be trying to murder the rich out of class envy.

When the police pull back, it’s not the rich going out and killing the poor that you see, but miserable Leftists smashing bank windows and burning businesses.

The whole premise of the Purge series is class warfare, and it is always the Progressives that push that, as well as violence as the means to make political change happen.

A real Purge would be the upper middle class and above, cowering in their homes, as the angry, Social Justice mob loots everything they can and hurts anyone they can find because they think they are entitled to it.

The Purge is the ultimate “kill everyone I don’t like” Progressive wet dream, projected onto the Progressive’s sworn enemy, religious conservatives.


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By J. Kb

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