The pushback sucks for Nancy

The light dawned on Nancy Pelosi that maybe, just maybe, a US Congresswoman calling for Cabinet members to be harassed in public is a bad idea.

That 10-20% I wrote about earlier was unhappy with Pelosi.

They decided to let her know about it in exactly the way you can imagine?

Yep.  See Pelosi is a racist because she’s rich and white and saying that the Dems should be civil is privileged.

Yep, it’s 63 million Americans who just wanted lower taxes and fewer regulations on their business that want war.  Not the radicals harassing people, doxxing ICE agents, and rioting on behalf of #Resistance.

The moderate Left – as much of them as are left – need to be left behind so the #Resistance can crack some Nazi skulls.

Except this isn’t 1932 Germany.  There are no pogroms.  No Hispanics are forced to wear little yellow “H” badges. There is no plan to send people of Mexican heritage who have lived here for generations to Madagascar or gas them.

But that doesn’t matter.  They FEEL like it’s 1932 Germany when the most they know about WWII history comes from Inglorious Basterds.

Nancy still has to “get out of the way” becuase they are going to collect Nazi scalps.

By Nazi, they mean Middle Class Americans who really liked their tax cuts.

The radicals are going to eat the moderates for energy before attacking us.

3 Replies to “The pushback sucks for Nancy”

  1. “Except this isn’t 1932 Germany.”

    Antifa and their supporters (including the media) seem pretty brown shirt-like to me.

    1. They push this “Nazi” line against anyone who opposes them — however mildly — while supporting economic policies the Nazis would have loved. They *were* Socialists, after all.

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