The recurring message this morning.

“Why would you want to make the Democrats mad at us? They will hate us and go after our rights!”

So that has been our problem all along? We are not trying to get along with them? Be nice to them or they will threaten our Second Amendment Rights?

If I had known this, I would hire somebody to give Dianne Feinstein a box of Godiva Chocolates and a mercy fuck.


13 Replies to “The recurring message this morning.”

  1. I no longer see the “Apple problem” either. Thanks.

    The notion “be nice to these criminal politicians or they will infringe our Constitutional rights” is seriously absurd. Even more so because infringing is exactly what those politicians have been doing for a century or more, and loudly proclaim at every opportunity they intend to keep doing and doing more.

  2. I don’t even know people who know people who could hire someone to do that. (Not the post office thing, the … other thing.)

    At least I hope I don’t…

  3. I’d be curious what would happen if President Pelosi said “I’m declaring a national emergency and confiscating people’s guns.”

    I wonder just exactly how well that would go over.

  4. Looks like I’m up with Safari as well.

    Watched a few talking heads on tube this morning bemoaning that Trump declaring a “National Emergency” to fund more of the wall will “open the door” for the next democratic president to do the same for climate change, gun control, etc. Like they won’t do it anyway.

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