The NRA downgraded Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester’s rating to “D” because he voted against the confirmation of Justice* Kavanaugh.

* Boy-howdy do I like the feeling of typing out “Justice Kavanaugh.”

Not just does Kavanaugh increase the likelihood of more pro-gun SCOTUS decisions, it increases the likelihood of the Court hearing more gun related cases.  That will be the biggest boon for us yet.  Attempts at bringing an AWB or CCW case to the Court have been shot down, but since it only takes four Justices to agree to hear a case, we might start making headway again.

The NRA is well within its rights to equate a no vote on Kavanaugh to not being high on the pro-gun side and I hope that a lot of red state Senators take a shellacking in 2018 and 2020.  At this point I’d vote for a dead dog over Doug Jones in 2020 in Alabama.

How did Tester’s communications director take this news?


I guess the Second Amendment in Tester’s copy of the Constitution says:

A well regulated farmer, being necessary for the production of beef and pork, the right of the farmer to shoot livestock will not be infringed.

This is even dumber than the typical I’m-a-Democrat-trying-to-appeal-to-sportsmen-in-the-Red-counties-of-my-state-by-going-on-a-bird-hunt-with-an-orange-vest-and-an-O/U photo op statement of “I’m not going to take your deer rifle/duck gun away.”

I can’t think of a worse “see I’m a gun guy” statement from a politician.

I hope the Republicans of Big Sky country mock him mercilessly for this.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The right to shoot cows”
  1. You only shoot livestock if they’re irretreivably damaged and you need to end their suffering. This guy must have been a horrible farmer.

    1. Don’t know about your side of the pond but in Germany livestock on “organic” farms (such a stupid word) has to be killed with a silenced rifle on the pasture to reduce stress.
      Because oviously shooting something is the most humane way of killing 😀

  2. ‪Its like the gun ban cultists at a legislative committee hearing and they say you can’t hunt deer w an AR. Then I stand up and say yes I can hunt deer my AR it’s a 308 and ARs now come in over 60 different calibers. They hate when I do that‬

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