I wish I had good news. I wish I could tell you that all these nutjobs-racist-socialist scum will cease to exist come November 9th and we go prepare ourselves for Thanksgivings with the family and then a peaceful Christmas.

It is not gonna happen. It will actually get worse. 

This past weekend we saw how the political ultra-left had no problems violating the Civil Rights of people who wanted nothing more than the simple right to exercise their Freedom of Assembly at a Trump Rally in Arizona.

trump rally block

I do not care if you like Trump, hate him or could not care one way or the other: You cannot “protect” Civil Rights by violating Civil Rights.”

The lack of Law Enforcement (Ferguson Effect) and Judicial response (DOJ political blindness to left-wing misdeeds) to this, past and future events will embolden the Socialist Mutawwi to go further up and including violence against those who they deem politically impure. They are betting (and rightly so) on the common decency of people and the existing law system that gives them equal footing with the rest of us, but will use it to subvert what they consider an evil and unequal society.

What we are seeing now is simply the results of many years of preparations. It is the culmination of the 60s movement who went on to take positions within the government and Academia, the last one possibly the most influential as they now created another set of young Useful Idiots who believing themselves immortal, will be the cannon fodder in days ahead.

BLM bulletproof
You are gonna need a wee bit more than a layer of cotton


J. Kb. wrote about Orwell recently and it is scary un-funny how much IngSoc is now commonplace. Definitions change to accommodate a political story rather than serve as guide of thought. History itself has to be changed or suppressed (“We‘ve always been at war with Eastasia“) and the record changed or better yet, memory-holed. We have seen this being applied by the Gun Control Community with a small amount of success when they move the goalposts and change definitions and even how they change how call themselves and what they do like Handgun Control Inc to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and from Gun Control to “Gun Safety.”

And don’t think short game. The Ultra Left thinks and plans for the very long game as they have been doing till now. Will they achieve their goals by November? Nope, doubtfully. Even if Hillary gets elected and re-elected and this batch of useful idiots has worn out, a new batch will be coming out of colleges ready to take their place and continue the Mutwwai. Think about it, Would Bernie Sanders be even considered as Primary candidate 20 years ago? Obama? There is your answer.

So, what will we see? More in the form of uncivil disturbances. They will create episodes in which their own will be hurt or killed to claim status victim and demand “justice” from an oppressive and militarized Law Enforcement. They will also demand a softer/kinder/gentler Law Enforcement (…wait, they already are doing so… never mind) which will result in less actual safety and leaving the population at the mercy of the Socialist Mutawwi. Expect riots and arson to go unchecked like it happened in Baltimore. And when the Socialist Mutawwi go home after a nice day of Social Justice imparted on the oppressive corner Bodega owner because he decided to support for the none-approved candidate or cause, the standard criminal scum will show up to reap on the lack of cops on the streets. Yes, it is not a bug, it is a feature. People do not complain much about political change when they are victims of unchecked crime.

“Damn it, Miguel! You are just making paranoid shit up.” Actually this has happened before in many countries and I lived the process in Venezuela with a few different adjustments to fit the local culture. I guess I do not have to explain how well the country is doing under the Latino version of Bernie Sanders and his Bots.

Do I expect the US to end up like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc? No, a much different culture to begin with and a very different economy. That does not mean there will be no strife, no clashes with bodies decorating the streets: There will be plenty but probably it will not rise to a former Yugoslavia-type of event. If I have learned one thing about being American is that we are polite to an extreme, but once that extreme is reached, you better bring out the checkbook and write HELL where it says PAY TO THE ORDER OF.

You think I am kidding and that there is not a lot of silent anger barely being held in check? Then explain the Trump phenomenon.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “The Rise of the American Brownshirt.”
  1. Agree 100% That is the MO of fascists. And Trump has his own set of “Trumpshirts” mixed in with the normal people who simply see him as giving voice to their frustration.
    When the lefty-shirts and Trumpshirts inevitably clash, it will be America that pays.

  2. I find it ironic that people use their freedom of speech to deny others that same right. There could be an “American SS” rally somewhere, and as long as it isn’t harming others, that rally has every right to take place, and anyone who is interested has the right to attend it. Distasteful, yes, but distasteful things are covered by the First Amendment.

  3. They act like the protesters are the only ones that have rights,but that seems to be the train of thoughts to the far left anymore.I think society has become so worried about hurting feelings and then be called racist it has allowed it to become out of control.

  4. Oddly enough, every time these SJW types block a road or disrupt an event, they create more Trump voters. If I were Trump, I’d thank the good Lord for these folks; if they didn’t exist, he’d have to create them.

    I used to think that Hillary was going to crush Trump in the general. Of course, all the smart betting was that Trump would go nowhere in seeking the nomination, and here we are. I suspect Hillary thinks beating Trump will be a cakewalk. So did Jeb! and Company.

    The fact of the matter is she’s a terrible candidate (aside from being an authoritarian, corrupt, short-tempered, anti-constitutionalist b****); she doesn’t speak well, and is often tone-deaf on the campaign trail. If the media wasn’t so in the tank for the Dems and didn’t have the commensurate fascination for the Clintons, she’d be nowhere. Fact of the matter is, she married well; without hitching herself to Bill, she’d be nobody. “I have a vagina” isn’t an endorsement for president, even among most women.

    1. Even anti-Trump and pro-Bernie liberals have started criticizing the pro-Bernie riots with the statement “As bad as Trump supporters are, they haven’t blocked any ambulances resulting in deaths lately.”

      All we really have to do is convince them that it’s Hillary they should be focusing on instead of Trump.

  5. “Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
    Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
    How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
    Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.”
    -John Dryden

    1. “Holy State or Holy King or Holy People’s Will-
      Have no truck with the senseless thing! Order the guns and KILL!
      Singing after me…

      Once there was The People- Terror gave it birth.
      Once there was The People and it made a Hell of Earth.
      Earth arose and smote them-listen, o ye slain!
      Once there was The People and there’ll never be again!”

      –Rudyard Kipling, Macdonough’s Song,

  6. Once liberals decided that they had no respect for the second amendment they found that it was easy to use any means necessary to destroy it and in that process they discovered that they didn’t like it when someone spoke up for the Second. This “aggression” towards the dictatorship brought them to the realization that they didn’t much like the first amendment or any other rights not granted by them or government. How dare someone use God as a way of going over their heads and claim rank above the smartest people on the planet. God given right can’t exist if there is no God, right Hillary?

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