It’s simple, some people confuse a personality with a Fandom.  Being a fan of a medium becomes their identity.  Criticizing whatever they are a fan of is literally attacking who they are as a person.

This all applies to operator fanbois, meatheads, and anyone else who substitutes a personality for consuming stuff.

Unfortunately, our mass-market consumerist culture encourages this personality/Fandom replacement.

To borrow from the great Chuck Palahniuk, you are not your fucking Fandom.

Develop an identity independent of stuff that you consume.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The same reason football, comic book, and MCU fans are insufferable a**holes”
  1. There is an entire set of personality issues that conflate “attacks” on actions/ideas with attacks on self.

    My wife has this issue. For a very very long time if I said “Ah, you made a mistake” she took that as an attack on her personally and we had to deal with major meltdowns. I.e. She’s mowing the lawn, somehow she knocks the block that holds open the ejection port out of the mower. Then manages to “lose it” and then doesn’t understand why the mower stopped working.

    She had so much lawn clippings jammed into the deck that it stopped the blade.

    When I told her what she had done she had a melt down because I was attacking her personally.

    It is a hard place to be. She has gotten past it, but it took years and years.

    For many people there are outside things that they are so attached to that any attack on that outside entity is an attack on them. My wife, a teacher, takes it personally when I say something negative about the NEA or the “School Education Factory”.

    For these dorks, attacking a particular science fiction character is an attack on them. They just have to get over it.

    Now don’t y’lll say anything negative about Firefly. It is just shiny in all ways.

    Keep flying.

  2. “Erebus Black” isn’t an asshole for not wanting something he enjoys smeared with hatred of everything he enjoys by a Mary Sue drone. Instead of an entertaining escape, it’ll be an endless lecture on how evil white men are, how virtuous and powerful women are, and how important it is to be gay.

  3. Looking through the various threads, Erubus Black, while not exactly articulate, likely has a point. There’s apparently two factions in the Disney SW realm. Filoni, who did Clone Wars and Mandalorian, and Kennedy, who did the recent trilogy films.

    Look at which group of films gets the most hate (deserved or not) and which is almost universally lauded?

    It was Kennedy who pushed to not renew the contract for a very popular, strong, female character over non-sjw comments.

    A KOTOR ‘rewrite’ by one of that faction is likely going to push their agenda into it.

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