The Somalia-lization of Venezuela.

We have seen this initial scenes from Black Hawk Down where the starving people are trying to get food from the Red Cross trucks only to be held back at gunpoint by warlords who steal the food.  Something similar happened today in a southern barrio of Caracas called La Vega, but with less Hollywood grandiosity.

La Vega peope waiting for food

Food has gotten scarce in Venezuela, so much so that people are either rummaging through garbage dumps or waiting for food trucks to deliver at the local shops and bodegas to either be the ones getting the few items or at worst case, loot the trucks when desperation sets in.

But in La Vega last week, the local “Colectivo” (Civilian goons armed by the government) showed up, murdered one of the truck drivers and proceeded to keep the food for themselves. People got mad but rather than facing armed criminals, they took it out on the shops. Police and National Guard got called to the scene and promptly dispersed the crowd till only the Colectivos remained.

Then the shooting began. The Colectivo apparently took affront that tear gas was used against them and replied with gunfire. A Police Officer and a National Guardsman were wounded and no casualties were reported on the other side. And if you are wondering why two groups in the same side of the political spectrum decided to shoot at each other, the answer is simple: The Chavez-Founded Colectivos  have become an independent monster of its own, ignoring most instructions from the government and creating their own little kingdoms in cities across the nation. They are well equipped, many have associated with local criminal gangs and are very feared by the locals who must submit to their wishes and strong-arm tactics.

Starvation is an effective crow-control weapon. The Maduro Government has stopped international relief shipments of both food and medicines and although it is difficult to be sure because of the tight control of the media, I would not be surprised if those supplies are already in the pantries of those adept to the government. Hospitals are already reporting cases of infant deaths by malnutrition to be added to those cases of kids and adults that have died for lack of proper medications.  So, if the government sees no problem stealing supplies for the citizens, the Colectivos also see no problem doing the same. And in the case of La Vega, it is the people who get caught between two gangs of future genocides without the possibility of defending themselves. Venezuela will be another sad case where Gun control, registration and confiscation is leading to Democide.

When you surrender your instruments of self-defense, you are condemned to dance to the tune of those who have the guns.


3 Replies to “The Somalia-lization of Venezuela.”

  1. As a corollary, when your official people with guns are shooting at each other, the country’s leader is not far from decorating a lamp post. Somewhere, some officer with charisma is getting ready to make his move.

    1. The infiltration of the Cuban security system is too deep. My fear is that instead of a big “caudillo” we are going to end with a bunch of little ones that the Cubans cannot control.

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