The Sun sentinel has gone full TDS in its latest editorial. I’ll just quote some amazing passages:

Endorsement: Joe Biden is the man of the hour for Florida and the nation.

Democrats want, need and deserve a candidate known not for anger, but for accomplishments; for humility, not hostility; and for decency, not demagoguery.

Pudding Joe?

This is the most fateful election since the Civil War. It is critical to replace President Donald Trump, who has proved himself unfit and unworthy in every respect, with someone who deserves the trust of America and the respect of the world.

Did the Sun Sentinel just took a dump on the two shrines of the Democratic Party? FDR and Kennedy?

This is why we strongly recommend Joe Biden in Florida’s March 17 Democratic primary. No one else has done so much for so long to earn the nation’s highest trust.

Hold one, I am rechecking. recreational marijuana is still illegal in Florida.  Are we taking the same Joe here?

Biden is the candidate Trump fears most — so much so that he committed impeachable offenses to disparage him. Both Trump and Vladimir Putin would prefer to see Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

Holy shit, they are indeed smoking pot and heavily up there in Broward County.

Sanders is not a bad man, but he is wrong about how to accomplish many good things. And too many Americans don’t understand how someone can be both a democrat and a socialist.

Maybe because the Democratic Party took a hard tun Left? Being a Democrat now is to be a Socialist or at least that is what the Democratic Base have been telling us.  It is your side that has Antifa and the Anarchist. Accept your responsibility.

I suspect that the Sun Sentinel editorial may have gotten a message from  certain Debbie Wassermann Schulz to have them put pressure on Bernie and his Florida Bros to give it up and have a trouble-free convention. Truthfully that ain’t going to happen, too many whacko kids have emotionally invested too much and nothing short of a Bernie victory will satisfy them. Chicago 68 of the 21st century will probably be livestreamed.

Get your popcorn



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “The Sun Sentinel endorses Biden as President before the primaries are even over.”
  1. I think Sanders is a bad man, actually. Or at least so willfully ignorant as to make no practical distinction.

  2. “who has proved himself unfit and unworthy in every respect”
    OK… prove it. Examples, pictures, videos.
    Yes… Trump is a bit of a jackass, but aside from the fact that he uses twitter on democrats in the same way I use a laser pointer on my cat, what has he done to prove himself unfit…

    “so much so that he committed impeachable offenses to disparage him”
    If those were impeachable offenses, then every President should be impeached. Oh, and every elected official should be censured.

    “Vladimir Putin would prefer to see Sanders as the Democratic nominee.”
    Well, he got that one right. Then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  3. “The disaster of the Trump administration “ bloominidiots words. These people are mentally ill. They are not living in reality. They are 24% of the population. Its time the other 76% start acting like it. Stop validating them stop listening to them. Wheres my valium…….geesh

    1. Then again, if one is a big state loving internationalist who thinks that “Imagine” is a deep and meaningful song, and were hoping for Cali style single party rule- then yes, a disaster.

  4. Disagree: Sanders is a very bad man.

    Anyone who praised the Soviets when they were killing people in job lots, and destroying the lives of others, in gulags is bad. To say the least.

    Someone who then could find no fault in Castro’s Cuba… he’s not just bad, he’s a bastard.

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