OnlyFans to Bar Sexually Explicit Videos Starting in October

OnlyFans is getting out of the pornography business.

Starting in October, the company will prohibit creators from posting material with sexually explicit conduct on its website, which many sex workers use to sell fans explicit content.

The article says something about sexually explicit content making it hard to get funding but I don’t believe that.

I think Big Tech is getting ahead of what they see as being a Taliban being victorious.  And if that means curtailing the social decay of young women being encouraged to cam-whore on OnlyFans, I’m fine with that.

The West abandoned liberalism for libertinism and the results have been disastrous.  Maybe a little bit of backtracking will do us good.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The Taliban won and Big Tech starts to impose Sharia law, and I’m actually fine with it”
  1. Does anyone go to Only Fans for something other than sexually explicit content?

    Do they even carry anything that is not sexually explicit?

  2. I’m sure that AOC and the sex worker Woke supporter contingent will be along any minute now to protest this.

  3. Agree it’s good any time porn gets suppressed even a little bit, so long as it’s not government doing it. But as others noted here, I was under the impression from descriptions I’ve read that nudity and outright sexual activity were mostly what OnlyFans sells. The other stuff is just decoration.

    So I’ll put on my conspiracy theorist hat and speculate that this is coming from those who own and profit greatly from the more conventional porn sites and from the studios that make most of the video “product.” They may not like the fact that OnlyFans allows DIY porn purveyors to make money without the porn cartels being in on the deals.

    It always comes back to the money.

  4. News of this cameout a few months ago, the main theory that they got some money from investment bankers. This always precludes chasing the porn out before they can get the investment money, just like they did with Tumbler, Patron and others. Of course this abandonment of their customer base results in the companies collapsing when the investment money runs out.

    Give it a few months and there will be a new site ready to replace only fans just like only fans replaced Patron and patron replaced tumbler.

    That investment fund money is almost always a poison pill for companies as it leads to them ignoring their actual market for a few years as they pander to the investors meanwhile they bloat beyond what their income will support and then it all comes tumbling down when the investment money dries up. This is incredibly common in the tech industry, to the point that I suspect it may be backed by existing tech giants as a way of killing the competition before they can expand and threaten their marketplace. That is all conjure on my part but the pattern is pretty clear at this point so I can’t see why anyone would invest that kind of money in to doing something that is shown repeatedly to fail and lose the money, however spending 20-100 million or so to eliminate companies with the potential to grow up and be a competitor would make sense for the existing multibillion dollar tech companies. This has also been a pattern with new news outlets for the last 10 years or so much like with tech companies. It usually results in the new upcoming news company lousing focus on the news and becoming a propaganda arm. Tim Pool has a few good videos on his experience with this on youtube.

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