The testament of St. Martin of the immaculate hoodie is coming to TV tonight

I go to Twitter this morning to see #TravyvonMartinStory trending as a hashtag.

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, why?

Tonight is the premier on BET of a documentary Trayvon Martin: Rest in Power.

I’m tempted to DVR it and watch it just to see what kind of bullshit is says.

So going through the Twitter response to this, I come across this Tweet:

That leads to this:

So Markeis McGlockton is the next Trayvon Martin.

That led to this Tweet:


I haven’t touched on this shooting yet, but now I am.

It was a dubious shoot.  The old man got shoved off the pavement onto the ground.  In the video it didn’t look like McGlockton was going to make a second attack on the old man once he was on the ground.

But what I did notice from quite a number of the “SYG is racist” tweets as well as from the pro-Trayvon Martin supporters is a blind eye to the issue of escalation.

Namely this:

Why is it normal and acceptable in black culture to respond to words with violence?

Trayvon Martin didn’t like being followed so he beat up Zimmerman.  McGlockton didn’t like that an old man yelled at his girlfriend for illegally parking so he shoved an old man.

The problem isn’t that McGlockton shoved and old man in a parking lot, it’s that the old man shot McGlocton.

Maybe it’s the very definition of white privilege, but insult me or curse at me, and I’m going to walk away.  It’s not worth fighting over.

It’s not right that my homie got shot just because my homie took a swing that guy because that guy insulted him.

How about “don’t take a swing at a person because they insulted you.”  That seems like a better starting point than “SYG is racist.”

Maybe that’s the whole “SYG is racist” argument.  It’s between people who think the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior occurs between using words and taking a swing and those who think it is between taking a swing and taking a shot.

I want to see how this Rest in Power documentary covers this because it seems to be an insurmountable gulf between cultures.



5 Replies to “The testament of St. Martin of the immaculate hoodie is coming to TV tonight”

  1. “How are we different from the black man? We are expected to be civilized, he is not.”

    I can’t remember where that quote comes from, but it keeps recurring.

    1. There are some other minorities where that is held to apply, at least by a fair number of progressives. Consider those who think it’s reasonable and justifiable for a muslim to chop off the head of anyone who says impolite things about islam, or makes drawings of its inventor.

  2. Black violence is a new entitlement program, attack someone, car jack someone and don’t get charged with anything. If you do get charged it’s racist law or racist police or racist DA

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