People are shocked by this:

Never, ever, ever forget that the Canadian government interred 90% of all Japanese Canadians and kept the internment until 1949, years after the Empire of Japan surrendered.

The Canadian Constitution, unlike our Constitution, expressly states that the fundamental freedoms can be limited by law as necessary.

Canada has a totalitarian streak that most people are unaware of because we think of Canadians as nice and sort of bland, but when they take the mask off they get ugly fast.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The truth about Canada”
  1. And it’s ruled by Justin Trudeau, a corruptocrat who IMO could honestly give the Clintons competition for being a dirty pol.

  2. Interesting. I will give the cop this much credit, he didn’t go off on the “only my words” quip. I could see that leading to a very bad result, if the cop were a different person or in a different mood.

    Sad to say that, I must admit.

  3. Everything* that the Woke love to constantly complain about the United States doing — manifest destiny, deforestation, hunting bison to near extinction, exploitation and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people — the Canadians did twice as hard, in half the amount of time, and with a quarter of our population. Our “Wild West” was a disorganized and haphazard affair, their westward expansion was done with planned efficiency that would make an East German bureaucrat weep.

    But, goddamn, are the Canadians good at sanitizing the history they teach to their children and at presenting themselves to the rest of the world as ever so nice.

    * The sole exception to this being chattel slavery. Mostly because the French saw no economic value to it in New France (but went for it big time in the Caribbean) and the English followed suit.

    1. In a fluke of economics and biology, northern agriculture doesn’t benefit from slavery. Lots of hard work in two short bursts a year, planting and harvesting. But slaves have to be cared for year round.

      The further south you go as the growing season goes year round the labor increases and slavery becomes more economical.

      1. The Angles, Saxons, Bretons, Celts, and Normans all realized this in roughly the 5th Century CE. Chattel slavery was known to the inhabitants of the British Isles (the Romans practiced it, even in their far flung colonies) but never practiced it amongst themselves. One of the first laws issued by William I after the Norman Conquest was a ban on the slave trade within Britain. In 1066.

        His Norman cousins over on the continent practiced chattel slavery, but not with much enthusiasm… the Franks, on the other hand, were big fans.

        But it was the Muslims who came up with the historically unique innovation of limiting slave stock to only sub-Saharan, non-Muslim Africans. They spread that idea into Southern Europe and the French, Portuguese, and Spanish carried it into the New World.

        If they could have grown cotton, tobacco, or tea in Canada, they absolutely would have.

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