But a recent article in Mother Jones asserted that we have “entered a new period in which mass shootings are occurring more frequently.” This report relied on the well-known list compiled by Mother Jones, which has been one of the key sources used to support the claim made in the last few years that the incidences of mass shootings have accelerated.

There are some problems with the Mother Jones list, however, when comparing it with data I’ve collected on mass killings. In my research on mass murder, which has resulted in four peer-reviewed academic publications and a book, I’ve identified more than 1,200 mass killings that have occurred in the U.S. since 1900. Of these cases, 161 were mass public shootings, which I’ve defined as incidents that occur in the absence of other criminal activity (e.g., robberies, drug deals, gang “turf wars,” et cetera) in which a gun was used to kill four or more victims at a public location within a 24-hour period. Aside from a few minor differences, this definition is largely similar to the one ostensibly used by Mother Jones.

via The Truth About Mass Public Shootings – Reason.com.

You may want to bookmark this one for future reference.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “The Truth About Mass Public Shootings – Reason.com”
  1. Thanks for posting this as I had missed it yesterday. I am always looking at Duwe’s work on mass murder and mass public shootings. For those who have not seen it, check out his 2007 book on the history of mass murder in America (and the media coverage of it): http://amzn.com/0786431504

  2. The interesting thing about Mother Jones Journal is how often they cite their own articles as sources.
    Sometimes, it can take two or three traceback steps to find out the real source of their information. Quite often, it turns out the source was an opinion piece, or a special interest advertisement/propaganda/etc…

  3. Mother Jones did the same trick the climate modelers do. They adjust older temperatures to be colder to make it look like warming happened. Mother Jones didn’t count older shootings to make it look like more are happening.

    And, seriously, when did Mother Frickin’ Jones become a news source anyone would take seriously or quote any way??

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