This son of a two dollar whore admitted under oath that Kyle only yeeted his bicep AFTER he pointed his gun at Kyle, Good Morning America turns him into a fucking martyr.

“Would be murderer?”

I hope Kyle goes balls to the fucking wall with libel and slander suits after his acquittal.

The corporate media is the enemy of the truth, justice, and all that is good and holy in this world.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The truth means nothing, the narrative uber alles”
  1. I’m sure that Mr. Rittenhouse is heartily sick of courts but the unfortunate truth is that even if he is totally exonerated he will be sued by various and sundry parties. Since he will be in court anyway, a smart defense team will countersue the legacy media, Big Tech & the various self styled progressive organizations for the various forms of libel perpetrated against their client.

  2. While there’s a lot that’s wrong there, I’m just going to say that he’s not the “SOLE SURVIVOR” of the incident. There was jump kick man who ran off after Kyle missed him. There was all sorts of other people who might have joined in on the kick ’em when there down mob violence, but decided not to after seeing three people get shot. Surviving getting shot while trying to commit murder doesn’t usually get the sole survivor tag. But hey, gotta play the propaganda game.

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