By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The USMC has gone Soviet”
    1. Could be an autocorrupt issue. You get some really interesting attempts to ‘correct’ spelling from the autocorrect/autocomplete systems.

      That doesn’t excuse misspelling his name, of course. ‘You said ‘Sheller’, so I thought it was someone else!’. LOL.

      1. Wokesters don’t sweat the small stuff like spelling or math, social justice, equity and other communist ideals are what’s important.

        Divemedic, laugh it up, the grape flavored purple crayons are pretty good!

  1. I wish people would stop erasing the identity of the sender of these messages. It’s one thing to hide the recipient, if he wishes to be an anonymous source. But if you’re quoting a message from someone else that you think is wrong, you should show where it came from. Well, not if you’re in benighted jurisdictions like England, but in the USA you should.

  2. They will commit him medically OR they will toss his arse in the brig. Maybe not but I’m confident they cannot let him keep calling the shots.

    They are angry and scared. They know he is completely correct.

    He has bearded the lyin in their den. They’ve gotta discredit him ASAP.

    He’s now running the show and at least a step ahead. They fear truth moreso than anything else.

    Service above self is a key hallmark of leadership. They’ve been caught AND called out. They’ve failed as leaders in every sense of the word. Only thing worse is being held accountable. That’s the path the good LtCol is on.

    God bless him. God bless America.

    Make no mistake y’all…THIS is the front of a campaign to divide our military…societal division is already well underway. THEY need to polarize our military and root out the conservative, “Christian”, patriotic, professionals. They must control the military in order to attempt control of the population.

    Constitution my ass!

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