There are videos going around Twitter showing Orthodox Jews attacking Christians in Israel.

They are being promoted heavily by antisemitic accounts to push a narrative that Jews hate Christians.  This is then used to justify every sort of ancient Jews as the Christ Killer antisemitism.


There is a side of this that these people are not telling you.

These are Christian missionaries who are going to the Western Wall and the holiest sites on Israel and are proselytizing to the Orthodox Jew while they are praying.

Let me be absolutely clear.

There is a bloody history of Christians going to the holy land and forcing the conversion of Jews.

This is not saving our souls.

This is not respect.

This is coming to our ancestral homeland, to our shrines, and trying to change who we are.

It’s unwelcome.

The violence is unacceptable, but don’t for one instance think that the Christian missionaries are the victims here.

Jews don’t proselytize and we don’t like being proselytized to.

Ask yourself what would happen if Muslims showed up at Saint Peter’s Square and tried to convert Catholics while praying?


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By J. Kb

22 thoughts on “The violence is unacceptable but stop Jew baiting”
  1. Excellent point J.Kb. Christians ‘should’ realize that God’s Nation, Israel, God takes care of, no one needs to worry about them and intervein on God’s behalf.
    In the New Testament, the seven writers of the twenty-seven writings promote ‘going out into all the world to preach the Gospel.’ So that is exactly what Christian should do. However nowhere in the N.T. is there encouragement to offend Jews, or force Jews, or even impose upon Jews, as a Gentile, anything……..No, not even the Old Testament.
    The Bible is clear, very clear, Jehovah God will handle all things Jewish, Period! As a Christian, when I am in the presence of Jewish people, I encourage discussions based completely on the O.T. and Jewish teachings. I know as a Christian, that Jehovah God has His Hand on His People Israel. Besides, discussing O.T. truths with my Jewish brethren are always a very enjoyable experience.
    I find it particularly heartwarming to read that Jewish fathers encouraged their children to bring swift punishment to the rude intruders who don’t understand in the least the Love of Jehovah God.

  2. And right on que, we have the ‘jews can do no wrong’ jew’.Of course, only Whie supremacists’ would show a video of a group of men and boys violently attacking a couple of women talking on the sidewalk.
    Another day, another person justifying violence against White Christians. That’s okay, I’m sure this will lead to nothing but positive outcomes

    1. Travis, you have violated The Rule.
      Not only have you violated The Rule, you have done so by misconstruing the posting.
      This is your only warning.

      1. Fuck you awa. This is the karma I spoke of.
        Fuck you, fuck Miguel, fuck j.kb, and fuck hagar, the leftist, “some people did some things on Sept 11” cunt.

    2. I never said the Jews can do no wrong. I also said the violence is unacceptable, I don’t condone it.
      But, the point that you seem to be missing is that proselytization like this is considered cultural genocide by Jews. It is coming to our holiest of holiest and trying to destroy who we are as a people.
      You seem to define Jews from the negative as people who rejected Christ.
      We are un unbroken line that can trace our spiritual lineage back 6,000 years to Abraham, and a Covenant that every Jewish male has renewed with the Brit Milah (circumcision). To convert is to break that Covenant and lineage. It’s an offense that strikes at the core of our very identity. That’s not something that people take lightly. Doing that, then posting the video of only the Jewish reaction is Jew baiting.

    3. I am a wordsmith. I take pride in finding the right words. When I fail, it is because I wasn’t good enough.
      Because of this, there are certain manipulations and word constructions that stand out like flares. “Right on que” is a pretty good start. The phrase “jews can do no wrong” does not appear in the article to which you are replying. If you intend this to be a paraphrase, then your use of quote marks is incorrect. “Of Course” is a phrase used to denigrate somebody, something, or something said. I use it in my articles when I’m being nasty to something somebody else wrote. The fact that you have it in your comment means you are already well on your way to “being a dick” land.
      The article explicitly says, “violence is unacceptable”. At no time did the author condone violence against the women.
      Your final sentence, “That’s okay, I’m sure this will lead to nothing but positive outcomes.” Has hidden implications. Not well hidden. Since the violence is not condoned, it is clear that J.Kb. also thinks that these actions, on both parties, will lead to poor outcomes.
      If you wish to “point out hypocrisy” do so. Use polite words. Have a discussion. If you are upset about previous posts, that’s ok. Say so. If your opinion is that J.Kb. is an “Al Sharpton”, or “Jessie Jackson”, feel free to express that on your own blog.
      Finally, if you disagree with how J.Kb. presented the facts of the video, say so. Point out how you interpret the video. “They were just talking to people on the street.” Ok. That’s how you interpret it. Thank you for your opinion, when stated politely.

      1. I did find some humor in all of this, when reading, “J.Kb. is an “Al Sharpton”, or “Jessie Jackson,” I pictured in my mind both of them reading the posts of J.Kb……believing that they might be like him. Damn, LOL.

    4. Travis wrote:

      “And right on que, we have the ‘jews can do no wrong’ jew’.”
      Oh look! right on CUE! An asshole!

      Of course, only Whie supremacists’ would show a video of a group of men and boys violently attacking a couple of women talking on the sidewalk.
      Well shit, that is an ironic (or more likely stupid) statement since I pretty much own the franchise in this blog about blaming White Supremacists for other people’s shit.

      Another day, another person justifying violence against White Christians. That’s okay, I’m sure this will lead to nothing but positive outcomes
      Oh, you poor threatened human. It is such a bad thing that revolutionary troops and terrorists attack your brethren in your schools and churches during services worldwide… oh wait, that ain’t almost any of the Protestant offshots but Catholics. And the same applies to Jews in their houses of worship and schools.

      So, either apologize for the stupid comments and shitty attitude or simply walk away with what’s left of your dwindling reputation as human being is some sort of shape.

  3. Pointing out hypocrisy is not, ‘being a dick’. Additionally, I misconstrued nothing. J.KB has a history instantly justifying anything done by jews as justified, and anything to them as anti-semitism. He’s our jewish version of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

    “These are Christian missionaries who are going to the Western Wall and the holiest sites on Israel and are proselytizing to the Orthodox Jew while they are praying.”
    No, they were talking to those walking down the street. This is an attempt to make what the Christians were doing somehow worse. Even if they had, it does not justify verbal or physical violence.

    “There is a bloody history of Christians going to the holy land and forcing the conversion of Jews.”
    Again, theses ladies were doing nothing of the sort. They were peacefully spreading the gospel.

    “This is not saving our souls.”
    Yes, that is exactly what they are trying to do.

    “This is not respect.”
    Yes, it is. See above.

    “This is coming to our ancestral homeland, to our shrines, and trying to change who we are.”
    Yes, by trying to save your souls.

    “It’s unwelcome.”
    The violence and hatred made that abundantly clear.

    “The violence is unacceptable, but…”
    And there it is.

    “Jews don’t proselytize and we don’t like being proselytized to.”
    That’s true. Christians seem to be the most interested in saving souls. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and we’ll continue to do so. This is commanded of us by Jesus Christ, (Matthew 28:19).

    “Ask yourself what would happen if Muslims showed up at Saint Peter’s Square and tried to convert Catholics while praying?”
    Probably the same thing that happens everywhere else. We’d pray for them.

    1. Standing along the walkway which leads to any particular religion’s specific place of Holy Worship, (A place completely separated unto God for the purpose of demonstrating the “Great Worth” God is in your life) and attempting to convert them while knowing completely that the religious people are 100% opposed to your message, is not encouraged or promoted anywhere in the Old Testament nor the New Testament.
      Therefore, Jehovah God of the Jews, which Christians believe the New Testament teaches became Jesus of Nazareth, is therefore the God of Jews and Christians……, BUT the Jews reject Jesus is Jehovah God vehemently, and firmly believe it is blasphemy and the teaching is heresy.
      The NT passage of Mt. 28:19 was mentioned as a commandment of Jesus to his believers before He ascended into heaven. This command was given from a Galilean Mountain to the eleven disciples to begin the ministry of discipleship in all nations while standing in Israel. Jewish men which the eleven were, had been taught to be loyal to Israel and not all nations in any sense of responsibility. So, this was a new commandment to go to the gentile nations.
      Jesus also taught that if you go unto a home and are rejected, not received, to leave immediately and as you go shake the dust off your feet as a testament against the non-believers….no more than that. And by the way this was Jewish homes Jesus was speaking of here. They were not told to keep on in a contentious situation, but to do the exact opposite and peacefully depart. And Jesus never said to stand at the outer temple gate and convert Jews.
      Jesus also said that all believers would suffer many things because they would promote His Name as the name of God. And to consider it not, because God would care for them in their hour of need. A servant is not greater than his master.
      I would kindly suggest considering what Jesus said, which John wrote in his record, chapter 15: verses 18-27, which handles this very subject matter of this post i.e., “Jews hating the Christian”, and why that is to be expected and received because, “A servant is no greater than his Lord”. The Jews hated Jesus so they will hate you.
      Seems logical to me.

    2. Travis, please consider the Apostle Paul who was once a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin with the birth name of Saul. According to NT scriptures he was converted by Jesus Himself and discipled by Jesus personally for about three and a half years. And Paul said, as taught by Jesus, ‘to become all things to all men that you “MIGHT” win some’. Meaning, reasoning with people ON THEIR TERMS, in order to peacefully engage in the belief system of the individual. Paul knew this well, being of a high order of Judaism, Christians, which I am one, would do well to learn this kind and compassionate approach.

    3. The reason you only see the violence on the streets and not the initial transgression is that cell phones are banned in the holiest of holies (Western Wall and Toumb of the Patriarchs). That’s part of why I called this Jew baiting. The internet sees the Jews behaving badley, but not the provocation. This problem got so bad that in March, an Orthodox party in thr Knesset put forth a bill to ban Christian missionaries from entering Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu killed the bill. But Israel has very specific laws against proselytization that these groups have been bending and skirting. I don’t condone the violence. I’m trying to add context because the videos have circulated with the message “look at the awful Christian hating Jews attacking Christian tourists” which is inaccurate.

  4. “Ask yourself what would happen if Muslims showed up at Saint Peter’s Square and tried to convert Catholics while praying?”
    Given the current state of the Catholics, and how they cowtow to the muslims at every turn, I would bet the Pope would convert.

  5. Or: ask yourself what would happen if those same missionaries showed up inside the Grand Mosque, standing next to the Ka’aba, to proselytize.

  6. In 2020, a number of members of my church and I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. One of the things that struck me was that a lot of the non-Messianic Jews we interacted with knew as much or more about the Gospel accounts as did we. Of course, these were folk trained in dealing with pilgrims, and the Israeli licencing process for these tours is rigorous. Nonetheless, everyone we ran into was a pleasure to interact with — including the Muslims we met on the street. We got a few dirty looks from some passers-by on occasion, particularly some dressed in Orthodox-appearing clothing, but nothing worse than the looks I give some Yankees I see walking around talking loudly about the rubes where I live.

    One of the highlights was praying at the Western Wall. There must have been five thousand people there, but everybody was profoundly polite and I had no problem taking my turn to pray. Even among many Christians, Mount Moriah is considered a special place where God is closest to man. The only hassle we had was when we got close to the Muslim-controlled area near Al-Aqsa Mosque, and some of the Bedouins out on the road.

    I have been involved either directly or indirectly working with missions in Dubai, Ukraine (before the war), India, Egypt, Ghana, Colorado (Denver is very unchurched), and other places. I have a relative who spent some time smuggling Bibles into China. Some places, like India and China, actively persecute Christians, and Christian missionaries are a real risk of their lives. We have some missionaries who cannot even state where they are going for fear that the host country will find out and kill them and those who invited them. That’s real persecution. Israel is nothing like that.

    Most cultures are not big fans of street-corner proselytizers. It is different, however, when discussion of faith arrives organically from a relationship or interaction, or when an indigenous believer brings in a friend. In Dubai, for instance, it is legal to talk about faith, but it is not allowed to *initiate* a discussion about faith. In places where real persecution exists or where there are strict limits on discussion, folk often act primarily to support indigenous missionaries and congregations. If one wants to spread the Good News, it must be done within the constraints of what the local culture considers polite behavior and in a manner that respects the people you are talking to.

    1. Said well hh465, the message of the Gospel in most cases won’t be received if the person is argumentative, or overly assertive, that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and (in this case) the Jews MUST accept Jesus, or they’re condemned due to unbelief. I believe in the case which the video shows, women were the method of delivery of the Christian belief, so the Jews used children to rebuke them as a counter tactic.

  7. Israel now stands in a War with Hamas. Just that simple. No fancy dancing. Israel has a simple war-plan: to uproot Hamas from Gaza and replace that government with the PA by making a population transfer, like the post WWII Allies did with the Germans living in the Czech Republic and Poland, of Arabs from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

    Twice Israel has returned the Sinai back to Egypt. Land for Peace cuts in both directions. The borders of Gaza will have to become bigger if Israel makes a population transfer of all the Arabs populations in E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

    The refugee status of the Arabs must stop. Israel since 2005 deeded land for the establishment of a Palestinian State. Arab countries, specifically Egypt, need to deed land to enlarge the Gaza Palestinian state. Just that simple. No fancy dancing.

  8. Torah Moshiach – the Baali T’shuva. The classic Times inspired oriented commandment Kre’a Shma. T’shuva of Moshiach – assisting the Alzheimer’s victim to maintain the human dignity of an elder citizen.

    Shrek 2 – i need a hero Jennifer Saunders – YouTube
    Israelis face hard and difficult times. Goyim all around us scream quit! Make a cease fire!! But the t’shuva of Israel, WE shall not quit till WE achieve the total unconditional surrender of Hamas and its allies. Just that simple.

    Shrek 2 (2004) – I Need a Hero Scene (7/10) | Movieclips – YouTube

  9. As General MacArthur dictated the details of the post War Government of Japan, so too Israel must dictate the Constitution/charter of the new Gaza government that shall rule Gaza and the dhimmi Arab populations removed from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

    The UN must leave Gaza. Jerusalem shall establish the Arab government that rules Gaza just as did the United States imposed the Japanese Constitution following the unconditional surrender of Japan to General MacArthur. The model of the post war peace established between the US & Japan shall serve as the model whereby Israel shall establish the government of Gaza. 

    Just as the US forced a 14 million population transfer of German populations in the Czech Republic and Poland, Israel shall likewise impose a forced population transfer of Arab refugee populations currently residing in E. Jerusalem and all of Samaria to Gaza. Jerusalem commits to open business and trade with the new Israeli established Gaza Government and significantly invest in rebuilding the economy of defeated Gaza like as did the United States did with Japan.

    The US Japanese & German post war model. The US dictated the Constitution of Japan. The US forcibly expelled some 14 million Germans living in the Czech Republic and Poland to forever end the claim that those countries occupy and stole German lands. This post WWII model hopefully it shall serve as the basis by which Israel imposes peace terms upon the defeated Arab/Palestinian people.

    But quoting words from the Gemara, a far cry different from interpreting the k’vanna of the language of a Talmudic text, by making comparative precedents from other Primary sources. Refer to this former type of learning as טיפש פשט. A feudalistic addiction to Reshonim aristocratic lords! Worlds separate Jews in Israel who can learn לשמה from Jews in g’lut who cannot learn לשמה.

    The Baali Tosafot מן המובחר fails to emphasize and prioritize דאורייתא זמן גרמא מצוות. The organization of 613 commandments – complete and total narishkeit. The Torah does not fit into egg-crate positive/negative box thinking. The Talmud does not define ritual halachic Judaism as the Reshonim learned. The Reshonim, not even in the same BallPark!

    Talmud serves as the model for Jews to return and reconquer our oath brit homelands and rule these lands with Torah faith: צדק צדק תרדוף – common law courtrooms!  The new testament counterfeit – too does not know the difference between Jewish common law from Roman statute law, has no monopoly to determine the mitzva of Moshiach!

    The false God Jesus goes hand in glove with the false prophet Muhammad who did not know that prophets command mussar. Neither tuma avoda zara serves as the defining model not for the mitzva of Moshiach nor for the concept of prophets!

    Just as the European declaration, that limits “peace” in the Middle East, restricted to their declared 2 State Solution – as the only solution – has no monopoly which defines Israeli foreign policy! Post ‘Final Solution’ Europe forfeited any say in shaping Israeli strategic interests in the Middle East, just as “not under the law” Xtianity does not serve as the preeminent model for the mitzva of Moshiach!

    Common law Torah Judaism stands on the foundation of: “BE HERE NOW”. The study of T’NaCH/Talmud/Midrash Jewish logic applies to the here and now. A far different interpretation of הלכה למעשה. Torah scholarship today prioritizes enlarging the Torah “franchise” to secular Jewry – NOT by converting these cursed-Jews, as the Xtian missionaries attempted for 2000 years to convert despised and hated Jews (in the name of Love) to Nazi Shoah gas chambers.

    BE HERE NOW – Jewish Oral Torah logic – works to govern our nation of Israel; to shape and prioritize Domestic and Foreign strategic interests and policies הלכה למעשה based upon prior good working precedents which כאילו equally apply today! The precedent model of peace imposed upon Germany and Japan fundamentally rejects the British & French UN 242 model – 2 State Solution. Strategically Israel rejects European domination of the Middle East; as if this region compares to America’s Monroe Doctrine.

  10. Stop and consider: According to the Apostle Paul, Goyim not under the law. The Torah commandment of Moshiach, a key part of Jewish law. What distinguishes between Roman statute laws from Jewish common laws? No Xtian priest or pastor has ever asked or considered. Yet Xtianity assumes that its Gospels narishkeit holds a lock and key monopoly over the Torah commandment law known as Moshiach! LOL What a total joke. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Can’t not be under the Law and at the say time declare absolute expertise over a key Torah commandment. Just that simple.

    The Talmud by stark contrast learns the Torah commandment of Moshiach to the Baali T’shuva. What Torah commandment defines a Baali T’shuva? The commandment to shoo the mother bird from off her eggs. How? Torah law delves primarily into tohor middot. Notice the noise new testament never once considers this key subject. For a Cohen to do service in the Mishkan the Cohen had to stand “tohor”. This word a completely alien term to Goyim. Why? Goyim not under the Law.

    To shoo the mother bird away from her eggs a tohor middah. Another strange alien term to Goyim, for the exact same reason: Goyim not under the Law. Middah means “measure”. As in the judicial concept of justice: Measure for Measure. Judicial justice not important to Par’o of ancient Egypt and equally not important to any European courtrooms, who never held the Church accountable for its many war-crime guilts against Humanity.

    The commandment of Moshiach qualifies as a tohor time oriented commandment. Another alien term to Goyim for the same identical reason: Goyim not under the Law. All tohor time oriented commandments stand upon the foundation of “fear of Heaven”. Meaning a person has to intend to dedicate holy to HaShem a tohor midda. In the case of shooing the mother bird from off her clutch of eggs, the midda dedicated holy to HaShem, the tohor midda of not inflicting unnecessary pain upon the mother bird.

    What example of a rabbinic mitva/commandment perhaps best exemplifies this midda? Kosher slaughtering of animals. By the law learned in the Talmud kosher slaughter of animals learns from the slaughter of sacrificial animals dedicated unto the altar. What fundamentally separates the animal flesh burnt upon the altar in Jerusalem from butchering meats for consumer consumption? The first thing the Cohen throws upon the altar “the living blood” of the sacrificial offering. This means the Cohen had to cut the carotid artery which runs parallel to the thorax wind-pipe.

    The common butcher does not require this ‘living blood’, which squirts out of the wound due to heart blood-pressure produced by that the beating heart, of the sacrificial animal. Hence the Talmud on laws for butchering meat does not directly mention cutting the carotid artery, b/c the butcher does not require this ‘living blood’. None the less, a sage in the Talmud, rabbi Yechuda, teaches that a person with “fear of Heaven”, ((the foundation of all tohor time oriented commandments)), should cut the carotid artery. Why? Because failure to cut this artery, the animal can live for some time after its throat gets cut.

    Not causing unnecessary animal suffering, a tohor midda learned from shooing the mother bird away from her clutch of eggs, this tohor midda defines the reason why Rabbi Yechuda of the Gemara warns butchers to, despite not requiring, needing, nor wanting the living blood of the slaughtered animal, none the less, to cut the carotid artery of the animal so that it dies immediately, like 2 seconds after, its throat being cut.

    The concept “tohor time oriented commandment” learns from Moshe going to Egypt. Recall that Moshe opposed going to Egypt! Moshe went to Egypt as a “baali t’shuva”. What defines a “baali t’shuva”? That a person arouses to address a current national crisis afflicting the Jewish people at that moment in time. The Torah anointed Pinchas “Moshiach of War” in the war fought against Moav and Midian with Bil’am the prophet.

    The failure of the church abomination to learn the Torah commandment of Moshiach from Torah sources, proves that that false religion as an utter counterfeit of alien Roman origins. The Gospels, written after all in Greek not Hebrew or Aramaic, the common languages spoken by the Jewish people at that time! The Romans, based their pantheon of Gods upon the Greek Gods of mount Olympus; Romans commonly spoke the language of the Greeks, something like Czar Peter the Great spoke French. The God-father of JeZeus and Hercules, an identical mythical story.

    Hence, the tohor time-oriented commandment of Moshiach stands on the foundation of “fear of Heaven”; and “fear of Heaven” most essentially requires the dedication holy to HaShem of some specific tohor midda. Like as found in the tohor time-oriented commandment of shooing the mother bird away from off her eggs. The Torah commandment of anointing a baali-t’shuva Moshiach, the tohor time-oriented commandment of anointing a person dedicated to save Israel during a time of national crisis. Hence Rabbi Akiva considered Bar Kochba as moshiach. Alas the Bar Kochba revolt collapsed. But this does not change the facts on the ground. Jews confronted the Romans in a national crisis and anointed a General to fight the Romans. Just as Moshe anointed Phinehas to fight the war against Moav and Midian/Bil’am. Phinehas anionted eish Moshiach milchamah, the messiah anointed for war.

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