Our judicial system, as imperfect as it may be (because nothing made by man is perfect), is still the best legal system in the history of mankind.

Our foundational principles, the right to counsel, innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury of your peers, thr burden of proof on the prosecutor, etc., all serve to prioritize the rights of the accused.

Our judicial system was supposed to be a bulwark against tyranny.

Out Founding Fathers wanted the judicial system to protect, and give the benefit of the doubt, to the accused citizen over the state prosecutor.  They did not want the judicial system to be a tool of tyranny by using trials as a political weapon.

For the tyrant a perverted judicial system is a tool of oppression, where the guilt of the accused is determined by the political alignment or identity of the accused, and the judicial system prescribes innocence or guilt based on extraneous factors.

Our judicial system is based on the principle of equal application of the law.  That may not have always been carried out but it was the principle, and one we strive to achieve.

For the tyrant, the law should be applied capriciously, to benefit those in favor and crush those disliked by the regime.

Woke is tyranny.  It is a system that uses the power of both the government and popular opinion to crush those who refuse to submit to its ideology.

This is what is happening to our judicial system by the indoctrination and licensure of Woke lawyers.


Woke law schools and the Woke American Bar Association is not interested in neutral and equal application of the law.  They want equity, where the law is a tool to achieve some ideal of cosmic justice.  The individual accused and the merits of the case are irrelevant if the outcome of the case does not achieve their cosmic goals.

Hence the focus on the Rittenhouse trial.  There was an organization of exculpatory evidence for Rittenhouse but they wanted him to be convinced to serve as a lesson, you do not stand up to a violent Woke mob.


Of course, because the Constitution protects the rights of the accused as universal for all accused.  They want the rights of the accused to be determined by their Woke social hierarchy.

South Africa has become a failed state where racial mass murder happens on a daily basis. That is a feature, not  bug, for this system.


This is an ultimate betrayal of our judicial system, to deny the accused the right to counsel.

All “right minded” lawyers will deny the politically or socially undesirable representation and those lawyers who do their duty and protect the rights of the accused will become pariah in their field.


This is a feature, not a bug.  The government will strip you of a civil liberty and then you will be unable to fight in court to get it back because you will be unable to obtain a lawyer because the right you desire is disliked by the Woke mob.


This is exactly what Biden’s current SCOTUS nominee has done regarding pedophiles.


Again, the goal is capricious conviction based on the identity or political alignment of the accused, not the evidence of guilt.

They hate our judicial system and want to use it as a weapon of tyranny to reinforce their ideology.

They cannot overtly destroy it, they do not have the electoral mandate for that.

What they will do is fill the ranks if our judicial system, lawyers and judges, with Woke activists who put the tenets of their ideology above the principles of our system.

They have started to and very may well completely destroy justice in the country.

They are taking away the ballots box and taking away the jury box bulwarks against their tyranny.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The Wokification of our Universities will destroy our judicial system”
  1. I have said before that this is a pendulum. The harder that it is swung to the left, the more severe will be the counter swing to the right. People will only endure so much before pushing the pendulum back the other way. They are losing the soccer moms, who are now angered that they are being silenced at school board meetings before being called terrorists.

  2. You are about sixteen (remember Hildacunt/clintoon/obozobigMikesbitch?) years behind on losing the JustUs system and three+ years behind on the ballot box (not counting Chicongo). Try to keep up.

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