Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers and has enormous influence over what your children learn.

This is a recent thread of hers:

First of all, I’d like one example of a kid who attended an NRA sponsored youth gun safety program, youth safe hunting program, or Boy Scout riflery merit badge program who went on to become a school shooter.

Of course these have nothing to do with one another.

Here are some recent headlines that I think are worth noting:

‘Gender Queer’: Texas mom furious as book depicting oral sex is seen in school library

School system pulls 2 books with graphic sex from libraries

Stamford parents rail against transgender book in schools curriculum; district defends inclusive choice

Texas school calls in counselors after teacher reads book about transgender boy

Parents push schools to pull books with transgender, same-sex content

First grade parents shocked after teacher read transgender book to students: report

These are from all over the country.

They understand that the schools are indoctrination centers and a tool for establishing cultural hegemony.

Gun Culture is their enemy.  How dare we teach our children to shoot and to know how to use guns safely.  How dare we raise out children in our culture with our values of freedom and self reliance.

Instead schools are to inculcate children with their culture of gender queerness and sexual libertinism.

You can’t teach your middle school child how to shoot a 22 but they can teach your middle school child about same-sex oral sex experimentation.

Which is more of a danger to a child, an NRA gun safety class or a book about 8th graders giving blow jobs?

And which one of those is the educational bureaucracy advocating for and against?

Reject their culture and promote your own.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Their goal for public school is total cultural hegemony”
  1. At 6 years old I was out back with dad wanging away at a steel barrel with a 1911. Same age I was shooting steel plates at 100 yards with a Remington 03A3 in 30-06. I still have both. Somehow I never shot up a school. Clueless morons triggered by firearms

  2. Neil Smith was known to argue that public schools should be treated like Carthage: raze them to the ground, then sow the grounds with salt. The more I see the more I’m inclined to agree with him.

  3. IMO ypu cannot lose credibility any quicker than when you say a thing happened and I refuse to talk about it, show it to you, or provide the evidence for you to see for yourself because it hurts me too much.

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