J. Kb sent me this one.

Mother of God! That was a fast reaction. Too damned close! And the fact that he kept OD’ing means the accidental dosage must have been significant or the deputy is particularly sensitive to the poison.

Fentanyl and opioids in general are a frigging plague. The CDC says that in 2020 out of 93,000 deaths by overdose, almost 70,000 were by the poppy-related crap.

It has been a while since I talked about Narcan and the need to have one or two dispensers if you happen to know and be close to somebody who is an addict. So let’s take this opportunity again to reiterate the idea of being ready and have that life-saving device with your first response kit.

I believe that most states now allow the buying and possession of Narcan without a prescription. But of course, check your local laws first. Be sure you can both buy it and administer it without ending up in cuffs.

And here is the Tennessee Naloxone Training Information page with both the law and online training and certificate.  Anybody else knows a similar page with information for your state, feel free to post it in the comments.


And may you never need this information.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

23 thoughts on “There by the grace of God and Narcan.”
  1. YIKES!
    I’m not likely to need that particular product, given that no one of my immediate acquaintance has anything to do with illicit narcotics… but…
    I had a couple of nasty thoughts a few years ago:
    (1) One might reasonably assume that China is using fentanyl and carfentanil as stealth chemical weapons against the West;
    (2) How long will it be until some enterprising terrorist uses carfentanil in a mass-casualty attack?

    Hm. I’m about to need to add a pocket first-aid kit to my EDC, mainly to organize some antihistamines and an EpiPen (I had a very scary episode yesterday involving a red paper wasp and an ambulance ride, and who knows what other things I might suddenly be allergic to). Might see if a Narcan inhaler will fit… just in case.

  2. On the other hand, people who intentionally take drugs shouldn’t receive more than one dose of NARCAN in their life, if that.

  3. Sorry, no, I won’t make ANY efforts to save a junkies azz, they made the decision, they’ll live or die with the results.

    1. As seen in the vid, it’s not just junkies who might OD. And, as I mentioned earlier, there’s the potential for terrorists to administer some of the nastier narcotics to unsuspecting passersby. Heck, “anti”Fa might get the idea this would be a cute thing to do. [Further suggestions in this vein deleted before posting.]

  4. Hmmmm….I carry a turkeynet, celox gauze, chest seals, gloves, glasses, etc. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to add Narcan to the EDC and another in the vehicle kit. I don’t hang out with junkies, but they are self-propelled and could pop up anywhere, plus how do I know the history of everyone with whom I could come into contact.

    And maybe an Epi pen – Mr. Wilner, how well do they hold up in hot summer weather?

    1. “… how well do they hold up in hot summer weather?”
      No idea; I never needed one before. I’ll have to RTFM very carefully once I have it in hand. I know people with serious allergies routinely carry such things around all the time, but I don’t know how often they need to rotate their stock.
      (And then there are those who don’t… I crossed paths once with someone who was out on the trail, in the middle of a 12-mile loop, having a bad reaction to a bee sting. It was a known allergy. She didn’t have an EpiPen. She had some sort of homeopathic remedy, but she’d left it back in her car, which I guess makes it even more homeopathic. She lived anyway.)

    2. They do not. You might get away with leaving it accidentally in the car once or twice, but there is no long term storage outside of climate controlled.They are also sized according to the person, so if you have two kids of different weights you will need two different epi-pens. ( oh and you need two epi-pens per person, oh and School does not allow them to have them carry on their person, so now you have to get 8, wait, neither does daycare, so that is another 4, so 12 every year, and then 6 different inhalers. . .) but this is all an example.

      1. Link; https://costaide.com/epipen-price/
        Okay, cost of ONE epi-pen starts at $650.00. Ten is $7350.23.

        I’m standing by my post, druggies get what they want, I can buy another couple of guns for the cost of one pen. , to use in the fascists violence campaign.

        Sorry, but not sorry for suicidal morons.

        1. I’m not proposing to carry an EpiPen in case someone else needs it; it’s in case I need it – which seemed highly improbable until yesterday afternoon, when I learned that I’ve recently developed a serious allergy to the sting of the local (highly aggressive!) wasps. Using your own EpiPen on somebody else, absent suitable medical qualifications, likely falls in the category of Seriously Bad Ideas, never mind the expense (yes, the manufacturer has been gaming the system to maintain a monopoly long after the original patent expired).
          Narcan, on the other hand, is basically in case someone else needs it… and there’s a small but nonzero chance that said someone might not be a junkie.

          1. Update: Copay for an EpiPen kit turned out to be $450. Cash price for the Teva knockoff (apparently there is some competition now) was a bit over $300. The kit being in hand… there turn out to be two reasons it’s not practical to carry around.
            (1) It’s darn bulky;
            (2) TFM says it must be kept between 68 and 77°F.
            So, not to be carried around outdoors (where most of the anaphylaxis hazards are) in summer. Nor in winter.
            I guess I’ll be keeping it in the pantry, and hoping I can get to it in time if I get stung out in the yard. Meanwhile, I should have a $30 OTC epinephrine inhaler turning up tomorrow; I’ll see how bulky that is, and what its shelf life and storage conditions look like. At $30 and no prescription required, I could afford to retire inhalers on an accelerated schedule to allow for heat-shortened shelf life.

        2. I am fully aware of the costs, trust me. I also know what that could get me in ammo, but I love my children more. I was not advocating that anyone gets them, Charles was asking about the storage requirements and I was trying to dissuade him. prescription, need to have two, sized for the individual, and cannot handle hot storage. It is also why I am out of pocket 10s of thousands of dollars to desensitize the little buggers, so that they will just be severely uncomfortable as opposed to dying ( and still have to buy the damn epi-pens) when exposed to their allergens.

  5. Food for thought: fentayl and heroin kill by suppressing the respiratory drive. You quit breathing so you die. If you have a pocket CPR mask, or a bag-valve-mask (not that most people carry one of those), you can continue providing rescue breathing until narcan is available, or you can get the victim to the hospital. They’re still stoned, but you can keep them alive until the right help arrives.

    This is true only for opiate ODs. Coke and other drugs kill in other ways.

  6. Just in: The New York Times has run a piece suggesting this video is a fraud. They are citing some of their carefully selected “health experts” that say this isn’t possible.

    I’m serious.

    1. That’s wild. The hard part is trying to figure out what their motive would be for publishing such a claim. Even by NY Pravda standards it’s hard to comprehend.

      1. My guess? Anything portraying the police in a sympathetic light is “right wing extremism” to the Times. But I’m cynical.

    2. Unfortunately they are right. Fentanyl is not that dangerous. Looking at the studies, it could not do this.

      Most likely the officer suffered a panic attack, due to fears about it being this deadly. His symptoms do not match ones from a Fentanyl OD, but a panic attack.

      Why would the cops put this out? Because they love the power from the War on Drugs – one of the worst things for freedom in 100 years.

  7. What boggles the mind is that dealers and smugglers aren’t dropping like flies. It would be nice if they did; one wonders why that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    I suppose some do die and just get dropped onto some handy ditch by the side of some Mexican dirt road.

    1. Alien invaders are found dead, some decayed, daily. Fake media will not tell you what killed them, other than we’re the evil ones for not giving them free rides from their invasion briefing site.

  8. The “reporter” stated that the deputy “…overdosed again and again…” en route to ED.

    Bullshit. Like I’m surprised by an ignorant “reporter”.

    What *does* surprise me, is requiring multiple, serial, doses of Narcan. Fentanyl (and the analogues that I am aware of) is so useful in medicine due to it’s very, very short half life.

    I wonder if he had an ongoing exposure due to the drug on his clothing?

    Doesn’t this suggest a need for respiratory protection, for officers and other responders?

    Lessons, lessons.

  9. Fentanyl is produced by Communist China in their labs.
    This is bio-Chemical Warfare,

    Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing nothing.
    At least Trump tried.

    1. I was just wondering, thinking about two coverups: the CCP virus origin, and the 9/11 Saudi official involvement. Both highly classified, the latter for almost 20 years now with no end in sight.
      A simple explanation comes to mind for both of these, but the implications are rather “disturbing” shall we say. To wit: these things are kept secret because, if made public, politicians would be forced to take very severe action that they are afraid to take (or have been forbidden to take by their bosses).
      There is no real evidence for this, but the lack of openness leads to suspicions.

  10. Pkoning,

    I feel the same way about the JFK Assassination. If the Warren Commission had said that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist Sympathizer in communication with, or an actual agent of the Cuban Secret Police? What would the American People have demanded. One of the few things the Republicans and the Conservative Democrats agreed on was that Communism was bad and needed to be defeated. Average Democrats would want vengeance for Sainted JFK. Average Republicans would want Russia and Communism completely defeated.

    Except America had 40,000-50,000 MEGATONS of nuclear weapons ready to go. Russia probably had at least half that many. That is why Lee Harvey Oswald was painted as a crazy lone wolf.

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