There goes the nation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a 28 year old bartender who pissed away four years tuition on degree from Boston University.

She is an avowed socialist, member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a Bernie fan.

She upset the Democrats when she beat 10 time incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th district in the Democrat Primary.

This is how the Washington Post chose to cover this:

It so warm and fuzzy.  It’s “Democratic Socialism.”

Here is the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism.

Socialism: a political system in which a despot takes power and kills people and destroys the economy to enrich himself and his supporters, all while claiming to be for the poor.

Democratic Socialism: a political system in which stupid, greedy, and lazy people elect a despotic bureaucracy to power which kills people and destroys the economy to enrich themselves and their supporters, all while claiming to be for the poor.

Democratic Socialism is the Gozer of the socialism family.  You get to chose the form of your destructor.

Here she is on Colbert explaining how her touchy feely Democratic Socialism means nobody gets to be poor in America.

But what about the people who are too lazy to work?  Or stupid?

I remember they had a guaranteed jobs program in South Dakota for the Natives.  Natives would show up drunk.  Being a guaranteed jobs program, they couldn’t get fired, they had to be paid, so they sat around drunk doing nothing collecting a guaranteed paycheck.

That is her brilliant idea.

Of course, we hard working people get to pay for that.  I get to lose my house and my car because I take away another 15 or 20% of my paycheck and my budget goes to hell, to buy food for people too unskilled to feed themselves.

She’s ran on a platform of Abolish ICE.

Since her upset victory, the Democrats pivoted towards that.

“Abolish ICE” is becoming more than just a protest cry.  Some Democratic lawmakers are starting to pay attention, too.

New rallying call for 2020 Democrats: ‘Abolish ICE’

Dem lawmakers announce support for law to abolish ICE

Abolishing ICE becomes Dem litmus test

The Dems have now openly adopted open borders.

By November, I guarantee mainstream Democrats will be running as open Socialists.

The party is now openly running on a platform of “destroy America.”

13 Replies to “There goes the nation”

  1. I hope they do…..they 20% that think that will vote for em.. the other 80% will vote for the other guy. America is sick and tired of these a$$holes getting away with murder and ruining America. POLL- 84% of America wants a frickin WALL.
    84% of America wants illegals the bleep outta OUR country. She may win in NYC but real America? Good luck..

  2. Just a historical footnote: Lenin called the Bolsheviks “Democratic Socialists” before they seized power. That lasted only a short time before the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” became just a dictatorship.

    1. She looks like the real underprivileged people (but not too much), and has the proper leftwing beliefs. That’s close enough.

    1. “But that’s not Reeeeeeal Socialism!!! We mean what they do in Scandinavia… no, I’ve never been there, but I’ve read stories on the internet about how they’re superior in every way. “- most American Leftist

      1. Scandinavian countries are rethinking their “socialism” as their countries become less and less Scandinavian. Apparently working to support your distant cousins who hit a spot of hard luck is one thing, but working to support Africans, Afghanis, and Pakistanis who lied their ways across multiple continents to reach your country and now demand you do things their way is another.

  3. The left found their next, well, fuhrer. She’s accomplished even less than Obama had when they fixated on him — so she’s a natural target for their deepest love.

    She name-dropped the lipstick she uses and the sheep stampeded to buy it. Next they’ll turn her into the epitome of fashion, and treat her teleprompter-driven speeches as the deepest intellectual statements made in the US since Obama. They have to turn her into a god, because they intend to give her godlike powers over, well, the rest of us.

    There’s no way her fellow leftists would ever run afoul of the powers they want to give government, after all.

    1. “There’s no way her fellow leftists would ever run afoul of the powers they want to give government, after all.”
      Not while they are in power, I think because they can not concieve of giving or do not intend to give it up.

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